Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Tough Loss for the Industry

Normally I start with the big story of the week and go from there, but this time it’s a different tact. I am truly saddened after hearing about the passing of Don Vild. The word “legend” is sometime tossed loosely- heck I use it all the time on the guys from Walker Glass, but in reality, a true legend was a guy like Don. He knew glass and its usage like no one else and handled himself with class every time. Last year when I was rolling along here on the blog and with my columns, I got a nice note from Don, via “Snail mail” telling me to keep it up (on the NFRC adventure) and giving me some insights I had never thought of. I was honored that he read my stuff and took the time. He will be missed and today our industry is surely weaker without his presence. My condolences to his family and in case you missed it, info on his memorial can be found HERE.


-- The stunning price fixing case from the European Commission was released today. Big dollars that’s for sure. But the shock was the fact Guardian was in the ruling. As of last Friday Forbes reported that the sanctions were coming and that the spotlight was on St Gobain, Asahi and NSG. No mention of Guardian in the report at all. Then today, the ruling comes out and Guardian gets the worst of it. I’ll be real curious to see how this transpires because I can’t imagine them taking this sitting down. Just curious, what happens to that fine money? Does it get sent back to customers? Does it go to the EU? Who gets what?

-- Was sent a disgusting item on our “friends” from communist China during the holiday break. If you want the gory details, CLICK HERE, but in short its about old condoms and hair bands… not good reading around meals. Thanks to Bob for the lead and for always reading.

-- Speaking of China… I was asked how come I don’t profile all of the projects that have issues when they use communist Chinese material. Well I am not a journalist, and when “real” journalists have jumped on this, people who had LEGITIMATE and MAJOR issues with Chinese materials, they found no one who would speak on the record about their experiences. Why? Because they are embarrassed… simple. Basically there are issues out there but unless someone wants to fall on the sword, it’ll be a while before someone comes out and admits they fell for the rue. Plus I can’t wait til there are issues on some of these high profile Chinese jobs and watch some of those people squirm- that will be fun.

-- Is it me or has LEED taken over the Earth? I still worry that products are being used for “point” purpose (not so much glass & alum though) and not for overall performance or need. Still that trend amazes me more and more every day.

-- Your reminder on the BEC meeting- Las Vegas- February. Seriously the place to be. Spots are filling up nicely, so you probably want to jump in- more so get your flight arrangements since pricing seemed pretty decent when I booked mine. By the way, one of the speakers at BEC, Rick Kalson, has really become a solid source legally for our industry and now is penning some articles for USGlass. His presentations are worth the trip alone.

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