Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Saturday Update

A few quick ones for a Saturday…

-- Great comment on the last post about the new window cleaning technology. I had studied this a while back and really liked but did not break it out here on the blog because we had so many other issues going- both outside the window cleaning issue and within. In any case, check out this system CLICK HERE. I had a few questions afterward, but all in all its good to see an effort to upgrade not only the technology but keeping the “green” theme in mind. And I know of at least 2 major window cleaner advocates that I am sure have studied this machine intently, so curious to see what that reaction will be.

-- On the NFRC beat, it’s been pretty wild. A lot of E-mail correspondence both pro and con on my efforts and stand. For example on the negative side, one person asked me if I cared that I come off as the town “idiot” because of my position. Basically they went on to say I was doing a dis-service to the industry and I was an embarrassment and so on. My comments back were pretty simple- I may be the one doing a lot of the talking but I am not alone. I may be over the top with my emotions, but believe me I have company on the side of this effort is misguided. And as for an embarrassment, I think creating a useless, unworkable program that has had 5+ years of debate (because its useless and unworkable among many other warts)- well that’s as embarrassing as you can get don’t ya think? Keep it coming folks.

-- Today is the annual and huge Ohio State-Michigan college football game. If you have not see the HBO special on this rivalry, you need to find it and see it. It is 60 minutes of fascinating TV- and even if you are not a fan of either school (and I have talked to a few people who have seen who are not) it is still worth it- just a fantastic documentary.

-- Anyway, I have friends and business associates on both sides of this issue. Anyone who knows me knows that Ihateohiostate. All one word. See I went to Ohio’s first and real university… Ohio University. Add in moving to the great state of Michigan in 1997 and that’s a recipe for Buckeye dislike. Anyway, two of my friends have asked me to facilitate a bet between them on this annual game, so in this spot on Weds during my regularly scheduled post, either the Ohio State fan (DFW) or the Michigan fan (Jon Johnson) will get their say….

-- Last, at the end of that great documentary, they were sharing jokes about the schools… my 2 favorites (and equal time applies)

Q- How do you make Michigan Cookies

A- Put them in a bowl and beat for 3 hours


Q- How do you get the Ohio State grad off of your porch

A- Pay him for the pizza

(and that second one I have heard for many schools…. But I must say without Ohio State degrees the fast food industry would suffer mightily! Ha ha)

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

First link is broken. Might want to fix that.

Max Perilstein said...

Thanks for the catch- it is now fixed!

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