Monday, September 04, 2006

Are you ready for some....


Well its time. I was asked by a few people to jump on in with some football precitions, since all of my others have been so awful- must be betting the opposite.

I guess also since everything I write on here gets scrutinized to the extreme, I have to at least have a breather post!

Anyway here goes:


By the way I have typed "NFRC" so many times my fingers are conditioned to type that instead of NFC. Comical.

NFC East- TO will implode in Dallas- no way he can stay calm with the Tuna. Philly may surprise but I am not convinced Westbrook is healthy and that is a major key. The Skins are a mess and if they don't get off fast, I have a feeling that Joe Gibbs will wanna be racin' again. The pick is the Giants- with great running in Tiki and Jacobs and another year under Eli Mannings belt.

NFC North- Terrible division overall. Minnesota will be nightmarish. Its time for Favre to hang em up in Green Bay and the Lions simply have too many holes- though their schedule is verrry easy. The pick here is Da Bears. Their awesome D easily makes up for the weaknesses of the offense.

NFC South- The opposite of the North- its tremendous. New Orleans will be better with Brees and the awesome rookie Bush. Atlanta is strong but I am not a fan of their coach and his usage of Mike Vick. Tampa can always count on their D and hopefully Caddy can take them far. The pick though is Carolina- they have balance on Offense and a tough D.

NFC West- San Fran should be in the NFC North they are so bad. The Rams could be just as bad. Arizona will be scary on offense- their passing game is lethal and add Edge to it, wow. The pick is easy though- Seattle.. just too much balance and talent.

In the AFC-

AFC East- The Jets are long way from coming back to respectability, but they may catch the Bills. The Bills though should get a better season from Willis McGahee now that knuckleheaded coach Mike Mularkey is gone. Miami will contend because of their combo of Brown and Chambers at the skillset. But the pick: New England. Their D won't be as good as in the past, but their O is awesome.

AFC North- Cleveland lives under a jinxed sign, but theyare ammasing some talent. Look out for Winslow Jr. Baltimore is a shell of its self, even with a legit QB like McNair. My Steelers aren't getting any breaks this year- (they used them all up last year) and their schedule is simply brutal. The pick: Cincy. Palmer is amazing, the WR's are great and Marv Lewis can coach a D.

AFC South- Houston will be getting better because of Kubiak. Tennessee is getting worse and worse. Jacksonville is not pretty but effective. However none of them can hang with Indy. Peyton & Co. are a machine and the D, that gets no respect, is very very good.

AFC West- Oakland will bring up the rear in a very tight race. KC will not be as good as last year. San Diego has to hope and pray that Phillip Rivers is at least decent. The pick: Denver is a toss up really- they always, somehow, find a way.

Overall the AFC is so much better than the NFC it is scary.


NFC: Carolina over Seattle in a reverse of last year

AFC: Indy over Cincy

SuperBowl- Indy. Peyton gets his first SuperBowl.