Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Official Thanksgiving Post

Since it is Thanksgiving- why not have a post to list all I am “thankful” for. Somehow I have a feeling that some of the things I am thankful for won’t be greatly appreciated by all. But here goes…

-- I am thankful for the incredible technology that continues to come out in and around our industry. Whether it’s the unbelievable Low E’s, the new cutting edge spacers or state of the art decorative glass options, (to name just 3) our industry continues to pound out new and better materials. Yes, amazingly, despite what some may think we are a progressive industry.

-- I am thankful for any company that does not cooperate with the Communist Chinese. So that would mean not on that list is PPG since they are continually sleeping with the enemy (Classic Article HERE) and now are working with the Jing Jing Group. Seriously. And the best part, on their website, translated into English (CLICK HERE) is this amazing line:

Our company can manufacture temperable and high-grade coated glass with the introduction of a set of technology and equipments from international glass tycoon- PPG in US. and the adoption of matured technical operation standard.

Great. Love that the "international glass tycoon" is so helpful. So reading that makes me want to truly thank the companies that DON’T give the technology and ability to a group of people who’s only mission is to destroy us.

-- I am thankful for Pella… because the purchase of EFCO did wonders for my traffic here and gave me tons of stuff to talk about.

-- I am thankful for the fact blogs have been around now 10 years. This article (CLICK HERE) talks about the history. I am honored I was first to the party on the glass and aluminum side.

-- I am thankful that I am not alone in my frustrations with the NFRC. It would be one thing to be a raving lunatic (and on the issue of NFRC, I am pretty much there.) and be alone. It’s another to know that people are behind you (and not stalking you like NFRC did to me in Phoenix) all the way. The Titanic… errrrrr CMA program may not be abandoned like the NGA has requested, but it is sinking, and no matter what happens, the efforts of those folks on the ground have made a huge huge difference. Believe me, whatever comes out of this program will be a BILLION times better than what would’ve come out if people like Greg Carney, Marg Webb and Tom Culp were not looking out for your interests.

-- I am thankful for those 3 people above- their knowledge, combined with their passion to truly defend their memberships is appreciated. If you are a member of GANA, IGMA or AEC, you should be very pleased that your organization works for you… and works hard. Plus I drive each them nuts I am sure, and they all can still somewhat stomach me.

-- I am thankful for USGlass and the fine folks there. They work hard and every other month must make one of my 700 word disasters into something readable!

-- I am thankful for USGNN, without the daily e-mail blast of news, we’d be in an info vacuum. That e-mail truly fills a need- nicely.

-- I am thankful for another good year- 2007- for our industry. Is it too much to ask for one in 08? Yep, if you follow this blog, you know I have worries on that, but maybe we can stave off the downslide.

-- I am thankful that I am not in the residential window business right now. I feel for those folks, holy moses, it is terrible there. Hopefully it will start turning around sooner than later.

-- I am thankful for Green and its offshoots. If done correctly, it truly is a GREAT thing for our world. Let’s keep the focus on the development of products and components and not on ways to make money by certifying and testing and all will be well. Bottom line is Green is good, so let’s keep it going.

-- I am thankful that Michigan lets Ohio State win every year, otherwise my pizza would be delivered late and cold by various, upset OSU grads. Yep low blow. Congrats to Ohio State… still can not believe Michigan lost again….

-- I am thankful for the many people who read this blog and REALLY thankful for those who take the time to write and call. It has been great therapy for me to do this and I have enjoyed the fact so many people are following along. I am continually stunned when I get my traffic reports, so thank you or thanks to my mom, who must be hitting “refresh” on her browser a couple of thousand times to pump up my numbers….

So there you have it… kinda like a year worth of ranting wrapped in one post… anyway, if you have your family and you have your health, you have a TON to be thankful for. Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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