Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy New Year from Las Vegas

Happy New Year...

Hope everyone is well... I am here in Las Vegas also known in some circles as "Lost Wages"

This place is amazing from a construction standpoint- the new City Center project is going up as well as several time share and condo High rises.

While on the surface that seems great, the worry I have is the amount of inventory that will soon be available here. You can not literally walk 10 feet down the strip without someone approaching you about a time share deal. Its insane and somewhat scary, as these folks are aggressive.

Believe me its not like the folks who hand out the little cards featuring the local ladies... You can just walk right by them. The time share folks stalk you- which tells me there's some urgency there.

Regardless from a construction standpoint its obviously all good right now- so that should be the focus.

Elsewhere in our world:

How about Denver getting another massive storm? The glaziers and fabricators out there have to be pulling their hair out dealing with Mother Nature's fury. Jobs have to be getting more and more delayed with every snow flake- making for a very interesting start to 2007.

Have you visited the US Glass Message Boards yet? Shame on you if you have not. Some great stuff up there and lots of food for thought. The China debate added a few people including Jay Vaughn and Jim Fairly. Both gentlemen had great takes on this extremely serious issue.

While in Vegas I can not help but remind you that the GANA BEC show is coming quick around the corner. March 4-6 at the Aladdin (soon to be Planet Hollywood Hotel). I scouted that hotel yesterday and I am confident everyone will find it to their liking. Plus the conference itself is a rock solid winner. Registration will cut off at 600, so get in now... its worth it. (for more detail on GANA BEC, you can either go to or wait til the January issue of US Glass Magazine- where I preview the event with my column)

Lastly- off topic- last night we saw Jerry Seinfeld live. The guy is an out and out genius! He could do his TV show again tomorrow and with all of the fresh material he had last night, he'd have the country laughing for another 11 years. If you see him touring in your town- grab the spouse or partner and go see him- it is truly worth it.

And while there's tons of Jerry I can post here, most are 7 minutes long or longer and I know the average blog visit for me is 2 minutes, so I had to find a quick hit Jerry stand up piece so you could get the flavor...

Happy New Year everyone- see you in 2007!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Holidays Housecleaning

Happy Holidays to one and all...

No real theme to this post, just some housecleaning...

Also I am making the "Video" portion standard, hey, everyone needs a break, so why not try and provide it here!

This is a classic combo of a great Christmas song (could not find a proper Hunnukah tune- sorry Mom) and some of the "uglier" sporting events from 2006. Enjoy!

First note that the Message Boards from US Glass are now easier to use... no long registration process. Feel free to check them out at

(And yes I will need the Glass pundit, Kris Vockler to tech me how to "hot link" so all you have to do is click on it)

The posts are slow, but I believe it will grow and give people ample opportunity to vent. Its funny, I know from the stats how many people visit my blog, and I know from e-mails and phone calls as well. Its just shyness I guess because people aren't as comfortable leaving comments... which is fine by the way. But if you do have opinions or thoughts and you want them heard- don't hesitate!

As for the industry- as you may have seen AFG announced the closing of their Cinnaminson plant. I found it interesting and actually surprising but many others did not. On those aforemention message boards, Scott Surma of IIMak, had an interesting take on it. Plus he noted the environmental angle, which always now must be considered. In any case, I hate to see anyone lose their jobs and I surely hate when it seems like the industry is moving backwards.

Also lots of coverage on the recent glass show in India. Obviously India is one of the worlds most populated areas and a country that will continue to develop its infrastructure. I got a kick out of a quote attributed to Bipin Shah, whom I though was gone from NFRC, but the story had him representing NFRC. In any case, he was in India to help promote the "Ratings Efforts" Well my friends in India, welcome to the NFRC adventure. Plus any advances you make won't be because companies like Guardian and Pilkington are developing new products- no it will be because Jim Benney and NFRC made it happen... just like they did here in the states on the residential end. (If you don't know what I am talking about, scroll down)

Lastly a subject I promise to cover in depth more in 2007 is China. Especially now that there are at least 2 jobs that have come to the US already assembled... Glass and Aluminum.... meaning no need for a true glazier. Believe me, if you are a glazier and you do not take China seriously... you'll regret it.

(Edit 12/21- Did you see yesterday's USGNN? -
"China Glass said the acquisitions will help it explore more overseas marketplaces."
It was in the first story and is NOT good news)

Other than that Rocky opened today and at least the reviews I read were great- hopefully I'll see it in the theater as watching on DVD at home just does not have the same flavor.

And as always feel free to comment or e-mail me at

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You think you're frustrated?

Its getting down the stretch of 2006 and I think everyone is at wits end. Yes the holiday's are coming but most people are so busy right now, they are in a real scramble mode. Not only that everyone wants their project done before the holidays so the pressure is intense.

So with that in mind, take 2 minutes and watch how these various NFL coaches react... can you imagine if the glass industry had press conferences? Man that would be hillarious.

And yes I am using video because my blog is not even close to being a visually beautiful as the Glass Pundit or the "Professor" Paul's site. (Both can be reached via the US Glass Message boards)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Message Boards

By any chance if you are a visitor of this blog and you missed that US Glass has started message boards, here's the low down.

Go to:

Its in its infancy but it is something to check out. The board is being moderated by Paul Bieber and his takes and info are pretty cool.

In any case that board start up and US Glass showing a commitment, is what now has me updating this site more often. I always enjoyed the therapy of it and the give and take, but often forgot- not anymore.

Also if you are new and shy... Join the many others who choose to e-mail me direct their thoughts, comments, slams, etc. Some people are not comfortable posting comments and having everyone take a shot at it and I understand that.

You can reach me at

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Dawn of a new Blog day

Yep, its basically here, this Blog along with 3 others are now linked via US Glass Magazine. Obviously I am pretty pumped about it. Also as noted in one of the comments below, I had to try and "improve" my looks here because the other Blogs look a lot better than mine!

Well aside from adding a video here and there, I don't have the time to really re-model, but eventually I will.

In the meantime, I do have to take to task something I read in DWM (Door and Window Manufacturer). That magazine is run by Tara Taferra, who is the one to blame for me getting my gig at US Glass. As I was then, I am now a HUGE fan of her magazine and work. So if you don't get DWM, go sign up for it- its worth it.

Anyway, in the latest issue, none other than Jim Benney from NFRC appears (Note- yes in the pages of US Glass I swore off discussing this subject anymore, but I am making a "blog" exception because this is so amazing)

Jim makes the following statement:

"Without pointing fingers, we certainly can see the statistical results of industries failure to support a single, credible, third party rating system. The same year that the residential fenestration industry showed a 58 percent low E penetration in new windows, commercial glazing only had a 30 percent market penetration! The commercial fenestration market needs transformation. If it had been as successful as the residential market; it could be saving building owners at least 5.8 million BTUs every year."

Wow. So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. NFRC is the reason that Low E has taken off residentially and yes if you welcome us with open arms, we'll also change the world of you pathetic low e hating commercial folks! The problem is his numbers are way off and its like I wrote in a previous edition of US Glass- there is NO FEAR at all of using Low E- and in fact its getting more and more acceptance daily. I guarantee you if someone credible did a poll (not the NFRC or the DOE who basically mimic everything NFRC says) you would see tremendous growth on the Low E and Solar improvement products. And that number, when properly broken out, and not lopped in with mirrors, table tops and mono doorlites would easily be close to the 58 percent penetration mark that Jim boasts about.

See that's the thing- NFRC ignores everyone and on this one, they are ignoring the architectural community. Anyone paying attention basically knows that every architect wants to either design for "Green" or for "Energy" and that means using the right products. However Jim and his PR agency and his Lobbyist firm, would love you to believe that no, the clueless architect needs to have his hand FORCED into using that evil LOW E!! (You know because without "pointing fingers" the commercial guys suck)

It amazes me. The NFRC and Jim Benney truly believe they are the reason why Low E has taken off. Oh well- like I have said before, it doesn't matter. I don't have Clark & Weinstock to lobby for me and I don't have Potomac Communications to "PR" for me and I surely don't have the DOE in my back pocket- so I am really (and the commercial industry as well is) at major disadvantage. Anyway, maybe Jim and NFRC can work on health care or workmans comp while there at know because we're failures and all...

Friday, December 01, 2006

Video Test

After seeing some of the other USGNN blogs, I have my work cut out for me... so I am working on being able to post video...

So bear with me...

Testing with a video from the upcoming Rocky Balboa movie.... which me being a HUGE Rocky fan gets me pretty pumped...

Coming Soon!

You may have noticed in yesterday's USGNN that Blogs will be coming soon... I am thrilled to say that this very blog will be involved in that process!

Best part is now weekly, for sure, this space will get updated.

I am excited about the whole process and look forward to welcoming more folks to this forum!

I think I may have to re-model this page a bit too... so a new look could be in the offing as well.