Thursday, October 27, 2005

OK lets get it started

What I think is the first ever BLOG related to the glass and aluminum industry is now alive! If someone else has one, then by all means I apologize.

We have a good industry but we face huge hurdles.

I started this as a way to get information out to the masses in a non traditional way. I hope that I can spark debate and eventually help the industry win the battles it faces.

First off... THE NFRC

If anyone knows me they know that this group has become a huge focus for me. I believe that some of the programs that they are attempting to implement would be very harmful to our industry. These programs will have no value to anyone involved except the people within NFRC who stand to make significant money with the implementations success.
So I will start posting my thoughts, articles, flow charts, information all around to better inform and educate the "public" (The glass and aluminum industry DO count as the public- though if you hear from folks within NFRC they are only concerned about the "other" public)
on what the deal is.

I will also touch on the China effect, GREEN Building practices, Fantasy football (Not glass and aluminum related but still life and death none the less) and all of the big issues we face as an industry.

So bookmark the site- join in the discussion- I know that not everyone will agree but my goal is simple, bring all of the information to the surface and let the readers decide. Give people in our industry the ammo and they will choose whether to use it or not.

So check back in because later this week, the Blogging begins!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Welcome to THE Blog

Well off and running... check these spaces for insights "From the Fabricator" on our industry and more...