Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Been Awhile

Yep took some time away from this beat- but now back on it... with a few questions...

1. Why is Marv Stover still listed on the NFRC website as a BOD? Why are they not replacing him? See the reason they released was they'll wait til the next election, but that did not stop them when Kate Offringa resigned last year- alot later than Marv... ah yes, you gotta love a group that prides itself of transparency... oh yeah that would not be Potomac/NFRC.

2. How about no updated minutes since the secret 2/9 meeting on line. Once again I guess they feel that Potomac's hokey "Comminque" fits that bill. Oh we'll just put out some stuff, give it a french name and sign Jim's name to it... everyone will eat it up!

3. Love the fact they always mention that the California Energy Commision is a "customer" of the NFRC. Man if we had "customers" like that I would not have to work. I do see that Potomac now is smart enough not to quote Tony Rygg anymore when they put out their pathetic releases... yes they have propped up Nelson Pena. Good stuff... yep that makes it much more legit.

You know I think Potomac should go to work for the President- the way they spin and use subtle and what would normally be weak scare tactics (that amazingly WORK! our trade orgs are simply pathetic... scared to death of the Potomac machine... congrats on that Potomac!) I think Bush and the GOP could have Michael Moore begging for mercy. C'mon Kristine, Leonard... you could make more than 100 grand working for the GOP... all the money would still be coming from the same place!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why I do it

Got an e-mail recently and asked why I spend my free time.. or any time, writing about the NFRC issue.

Simple. How they go about their business is wrong. The bias towards profiteering members, lack of inclusions, the amazing lack of transparency and the overall arrogance drives me.

All you have to do is attend a meeting or read the past minutes and you become the same as I.

You know like this nugget from the Quebec City meeting last July:

G. Carney encouraged the NFRC Board to get knowledgeable on materials as they study the commercial fenestration marketplace. A. Ward asked that he bring forth all perspectives of that market place, not just his organization's.
G Carney for those of you who don't know is Greg Carney and he is one of the industries best technical people (and one of the most respected I must add) He asked for a simple request, one that SHOULD OF BEEN EMBRACED but was not only shot down in public, but then immortalized in the minutes. Of course Greg was there on behalf of an "organization" but I think.. no I know, it can be clearly stated that Greg was speaking for the ENTIRE GLAZING MARKETPLACE when he asked that request. But in classic, lack of inclusion, lack of transparency Potomac Puppet land of NFRC they have to shoot down what could've been a helpful resource- Then again, if they would take the time- then it would become TOO obvious that their plan is flawed, redundant and unnecessary and quite frankly on advice of supercounsell Scott Meza, they don't want to know that.

So I keep hammering- and will keep at it- until a program is developed that makes sense and TRULY BENEFITS the public- I won't stop.