Sunday, November 25, 2012

Passing of Industry Icon

Mid day Sunday after I had initially posted, I received word that Eddie Goldberg passed away.  This one has shaken me up some, as Eddie not only was a relative of mine, but an industry icon as an owner and leader at a few different companies, most recently and for several years at Utica Glass.  He was a serious fixture at industry events and a guy that truly cared a ton for what we all do.  Eddie always greeted me (and most others) with a great smile and handshake and could immediately jump into any of the issues effecting our world with ease.  He and I used to go round and round about the location of GlassBuild.  He was never a fan of Vegas, feeling it was great for quantity but not for quality. No matter what role Eddie held in the businesses he owned and worked at, he always took the same classy approach, always welcoming, always looking forward.  Many in the industry and reading this may have never met Eddie or known him, and that's a shame, as he was an excellent man who will be greatly missed.


--  Since my last post Greenbuild was held and reaction was mixed.  There were some folks who felt it was a solid show that met expectations but others that disagreed.  From an exhibitor point of view, it has to get concerning when this show keeps ending up in the most expensive venues possible, last year Toronto, this year San Fran, next year Philly.  Those are budget-busting cities if I have seen one.

--  And still I’d love to know how rock concerts, exclusive swanky parties, and tons of worthless swag are good for the health of our planet?  To me it smacks of the “do what we say, not what we do” mentality. 

--  Also on Greenbuild, there was a decent amount of news generated from the show, and once again a lot of it was from the “dynamic” glass space.  Soladigm rebranded their company as View, and SAGE announced a marketing agreement with Viracon.  The dynamic space even got quality mainstream media notice in USA Today.  I know there are doubters, but the momentum is really strong when it comes to the technologies that make up this segment. 

--  Going hand in hand with this was McGraw Hill releasing a very positive outlook for the “green” building market.  While I believe certifications like LEED will wane, I do think that solid sustainable building practices, bolstered by codes and code enforcement will be dominant in the next several years.

--  A hearty congrats to the gang at Metropolitan Glass in Denver for their “Circle of Safety” award.  A commitment like that to a safe workplace can never be underestimated or underplayed.

--  This may stun some of my loyal readers… but I have to give major kudos to the folks at Oldcastle BE for their BIM IQ rollout and website.  It is simply amazing.  BIM has been this bizarre mystery in our industry as it’s not mainstream and you have very few folks embracing because its usage is inconsistent.  Oldcastle’s new set up may change that- congrats to them for this effort- looks very promising.

--  Hey the ABI rocked upward again… It is really “put up or shut up” time for this index in my opinion.  Starting with next month we’ll be watching last year’s totals and comparing them to what is happening in real time.

--  Congrats to the folks at Guardian subsidiary SRG for their setting of a Guinness World Record at a recent family day in Spain… they broke they record for… get this… rhythmic snapping!! Here’s the evidence…

--  Last this week, I was able to see the new movie Lincoln and all I can say is WOW. This was an amazing movie that was made even more so by the performance of Daniel Day-Lewis in the lead role.  The Oscars should not even waste their time nominating anyone else for Best Actor and just give him that statue.  He was that good.  In addition I would not be surprised if Sally Field took home best actress.  You know a movie is good when you come home and dig into the computer looking up as much as you can about the subject. 


--  Classic story, robbers take a music studio and leave their tracks behind.  Oops. 

--  See this is one of those areas where Solar makes some sense… will be curious to see how this turns out.

--  Leftover Halloween candy for Football tickets?  Fair trade?


Not sure about you but I have tons of leaves in my yard…. But nowhere near as many as these folks who are promoting the worlds biggest pile of leaves… wow… stuff you see on Youtube.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Congrats, Kudos, Thanks, and more

Well the election in the US has finally passed and for those on the winning side, a breath of excitement while those on the losing side, the absolute angst of defeat.  No matter who you were for, the deal is done and the hope on both sides should be that the dysfunction junction that is Washington DC can get it together for the good of our world going forward.  As for our industry the focus will return to the lending institutions, as many of the projections in the last few months noted that the election would have an effect on construction, so we’ll now surely see what that exactly is.


Lots of good news this week… let’s hit a few…

--  Congrats to an old friend and co-worker of mine, Jeff Ziesche (also known as my Mom’s 3rd favorite kid behind my brother and sister).  Jeff was tabbed by the sharp folks at CRL to become Director of Sales & Marketing for the US Aluminum division of the company.  I am thrilled for Z and family- a great spot for him.

--  Kudos to Arlene Stewart, one of the keenest minds ever to talk energy, was named the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA) Associate Member of the Year.  Arlene brings credibility and passion to all she does and it’s nice to see the FHBA recognized that.

--  The folks at YKK AP picked up an award from Architectural Products Magazine in their “Innovative Products” section for their latest curtain wall release.  More than 50 judges from all angles of the construction industry tabbed YKK for the honor.  Congrats to Oliver Stepe, Mike Turner and all of the folks there.

--  This week is Greenbuild and I will miss it… but I know plenty of folks going so we’ll have any pertinent details when I post again.  And speaking of posting again, this will be the last post until the week of November 25th.  Giving my fingers and brain a break for the holiday.

--  Of course I will post if there’s news to post and there’s some hot and heavy rumors of some more acquisitions and consolidation in our industry.  We’ll see if any of it breaks and if it does, it will show up here.

--  And last week saw another acquisition for the Consolidated Glass group, they are surely on the move.  Loved seeing my old pal Don Power have his name in the news too.  If you know Don, you know he’d rather be anywhere than in the media. 

--  By the way a huge story this week with the ICC pushing to laminated on hand and guardrails.  That should have a significant effect on business and design that is for sure.  The bad news is that with how slow municipalities are to adopt measures it will be a while before this truly shows its value.

--  Last this week… two items… a happy birthday to my Mother… and Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers.  Hope everyone can take that day to sit back, relax and enjoy and get away from the race and pressure of this breakneck society we live in. 


--  Solar panels every 15 seconds?  Can this really work going forward?

--  So here’s a story on how those folks who are into “extreme couponing” are wasting their time… I worked at one time with a prolific extreme couponer and I’ll be curious for her reaction. 

--  The Dallas Mavericks unveiled new uniforms for their Cheerleaders… and they are not leaving a lot to the imagination….


All credit to my daughter who pointed me to this song and video.  Performed by "The Script" and called “Hall of Fame” the lyrics are fantastic and video pretty dang cool.  My girl has some great musical tastes!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hoping for the speedy recovery

Well without question the week was dominated by the destruction from the massive storm that hit New York, New Jersey, Virginia and other spots along the east coast.  I like so many others hoped this storm would not be as bad as expected but unfortunately in many cases it was WORSE.  My heart breaks thinking about the loss of life and looking at the damage.  There's no question that it will take a very long time to recover from.  No doubt we are a resilient nation and I know tragedies like this usually bring out the best in people and I expect that to happen here.  To all effected by the storm, here’s hoping and wishing you a speedy return to normalcy.


--  By the way you may note I did not call the storm, “Super Storm Sandy” as that name just is so annoying to me.  This was a massive storm of destruction and the media’s name for it sounds like a character on a children’s TV show.

--  Whether you read this on Sunday when I post or on Tuesday within the consistently enjoyable e glass weekly, there’s no doubt this week is a huge one as the election is finally here!  I am thinking we’ll either have a blowout and by 11PM election night and it will be settled or we’ll have a battle that won’t be decided for a very long time with the lawyers and courts involved.  No middle ground.  No matter what at least the commercials will finally come to an end!

--  In the last several weeks I have talked about trade shows and their success this year.  Some folks have disagreed with me; one in particular felt that the AIA show was not as good as I noted.  With that it got me thinking about what goes into making the show successful and it is more than just a great booth.  It’s the pre show promotion, using social media, communicating with customers/attendees, having something will draw people to the booth and so on.  Some of the groups that do that extremely well are preparing for Greenbuild with strong pre show efforts.  Examples like producing great videos the way Guardian is, foreshadowing a new product launch like Viracon is, or creating a contest like Duo Gard is.  I am pretty confident that pre-show efforts like this will amount in a good show performance.  If you're doing something to push pre show, I’d love to hear about it and also I’ll be curious on how it turned out.

--  And last note on the shows, a wise man recently told me that anyone who thinks the show can be replaced by online or electronic means is crazy.  There is no replacement for the personal effect and the ability to see, touch and feel on a show floor.

--  Been a while since I was able to finish a book, but just did this weekend and it’s a good one.  “The Last Headbangers- NFL Football in the Rowdy 1970’s” by Kevin Cook is a really strong read.  Especially if you are or were a fan of the 70’s Raiders, Steelers, Dolphins or Cowboys- I think you would enjoy this look back at football before it went off the charts in popularity.

--  Last this week… more pressure on my pals over at the Department of Energy with the House Committee on Energy and Commerce now asking questions about a 400 million dollar loan to failed solar company Abound.  According to the story an independent consultant helped push the DOE to approve the loan.  Knowing how some consultants are so very loved at the DOE and the folks there would jump into a lake if said consultants would ask, I could easily see this happening.  Something tells me this is not the last we’ll see about issues like this.


--  I’m not a coffee or Starbucks guy but I am guessing many of you are and you’ll find this link pretty comical…

--  Social media, especially Twitter is filled with people who just don’t get it. Like this guy here.  (A side note, the vulgarity on Twitter is simply mind blowing- some folks have no filter at all)

--  There’s surely days that I feel like this little gal.


As many of you know I do follow the world of Wrestling, plus my son loves it a ton.  But this video from a lower level event is downright scary- a move gone wrong that is for sure.  Luckily the wrestler just has a fractured skull and evidently will be fine.  Wow.. so much for being a fake sport.