Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Sleepless Post

Could not sleep last night… so I had to make notes….and here goes…

First, if you missed it, on one of the previous posts, someone either from NFRC staff or someone else involved with the process decided to tail me and try and figure out what I was doing at the meeting this past week. It was an act of pure desperation from an organization trying to push a program that will be DOA. It was a pathetic attempt at trying to quiet a critic who basically has this group pegged. Last, it was a classic NFRC move, half truths and diversionary.

The questions was where was I…. well on Monday afternoon, when I was criticized for not being there, I was actually in a pretty good meeting from the Alliance to Save Energy. On Tuesday I attended what needed to be attended that affects our industry or my company. Just because some people view this as a few trip on their company or non profit, I do not. When I am not in there, I actually work. And my schedule Wednesday, I admitted in the post was disappointing because my schedule forced me to leave.

As for my not going to the mic etc… two angles there… one I have done the mic thing on several past occasions- including meetings like the 10/05 Atlanta task group where I think I lived there. But more importantly, my thoughts and views get represented by the incredible industry groups that my company is a member. GANA, AEC, IGMA…. The reason I am a member of those groups is they are top notch professional organizations and they are PROTECTING my (and their industry’s) interests. And they can keep their emotions in check too… which I would have trouble with.

Last on this, since my anonymous poster was so concerned with my appearance… tell me… where was Gary Curtis- after all he was one of the people behind the Titanic, or Alecia Ward, or Chris Mathis, or Frank Fisher- I think Frank was there but he never said a peep… Tell us how many times the test labs like QTI came to the mic because they saw a chance they’d lose work? C’mon break it all down for us!!

I’ve spent enough on this already… and again I think it’s great (but ultimately pretty pathetic) that someone is so concerned with me that they’d do this…. Desperate people attempting to save a failure of a program…

Speaking of failures and programs….

Unfortunately the NGA was unable to attend the meeting but they did send a pretty strongly written letter. You can view the whole text HERE. But this paragraph was pretty cool:

The National Glass Association advises the National Fenestration Rating Council Board to abandon its efforts to create and enact an NFRC Commercial Fenestration Site-Built Program with Computer Modeling Approach, Certification & Labeling Program with Related Fee Structure. Should the NFRC attempt to place such a system into building codes and specifications, the NGA will oppose those efforts on behalf of the American fenestration industry and the American public.

Yep the Titanic is taking on water… for years the groups mentioned above (GANA, AEC, IGMA and AAMA) have tried to work within NFRC to create a workable solution but because NFRC is absolutely unwilling to understand the commercial industry (because the profit of so many members would be affected) I think abandonment is the way to go…. Do it now guys before you ruin all you have built up... the Golden Goose is gonna be on life support if you're not careful....

There is a reason this has been going on 5 years+…. IT MAKES NO SENSE- but NFRC is too arrogant to cut their losses and concentrate on what they do well. Oh well, we’ll keep banging our heads against the wall….

More on this later in the week…. But it’s Saturday and quite frankly, I am NFRC’d out….

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