Wednesday, December 05, 2007

End of the Year

As we roll to the year end, everyone is hustling to get jobs wrapped up, holiday cards sent and basically preparing for 2008. Anyway speaking of next year, I am still curious to see if the commercial sides business holds up. Those ominous Architectural Billing Index totals will be put to the test and we’ll see how legit they really are. My personal take is that things will be a bit worse than predicted by the ABI, which would also mean that business will be at least level with 2007. I guess we will see. Also a programming note- here at the blog, I will have my “Year in Review” next week, that should be a fun run down memory lane. In addition, the 2nd annual “Power Poll” is coming too. So there’s some good stuff coming.


-- Ok the green effort has gone WAY TOO FAR. Now in Israel they are promoting a “Green” Hunnukah… which means lighting one less candle… see the article HERE… unreal… somewhere Judah Maccabee is really bummed out…

-- I saw where the scammers are at again… it really is amazing that people do these sorts of things. It really is a shame because like I have said before, business these days is hard enough without adding stuff like this. Stay on your toes folks. And by the way, as I have mentioned before, please be aware when you get a call from a magazine you have never heard of, offering to do a spotlight piece on you and your company, out of the blue. These magazines are basically built upon having you find advertisers for them for the “honor” of appearing. When you don’t come through with the goods, they leave you. So just stay away- it’s just not worth it.

-- Lots of articles recently on the on going corruption in China… most have been subscription only, but this one HERE is available for the masses and really interesting. Why oh why do people still fall for these guys? And yes I know it’s everywhere but can’t our industry be a little smarter?

-- Great website of the month? I have mentioned before… a long time ago… but is very good. You can hit that link or CLICK HERE. Anyway it’s a nice comprehensive listing of every player out there. Plus its simple to navigate and that is a major plus, because some sites have become maddening to get through.

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