Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cardinal Low E

Did you see the press release that Cardinal is out with a new Low E?

Sounds great but it will interesting to see if it gets legs on the commercial side. Cardinal is strong residential wise, but has not hit it big commercially.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Technology

As promised, I will also cover other subjects aside from NFRC. (Also a thanks to the many people who have re-visited the last few days- that stats and the e-mails to me were very encouraging and appreciated!)

So today I have to alert you on a cool "new" technology. Its DECOTHERM... (Ok and before you start hammering that this is an Arch only thing it is not, the folks at Oldcastle have it too)

Decotherm is simply the way to go when you want designs on glass. It is superior to sandblast and silkscreen. Check out as they explain in more detail and better than me.

But I will say this, at the last few trade shows I have worked, designers have been simply enthralled with Decotherm and what they can do with it. So if you are a glazier and you end up with a decorative spec that wants a custom sandblast or silkscreen- you need to go to Decotherm.

And yes, this is somewhat of an ad (unlike the NFRC I admit when I shill) but I honestly think this process is a winner and the people who have used it will agree.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Another interesting note that came from the NFRC recently was they announced the hiring of a lobbyist named Clark & Weinstock.

Clark & Weinstock, according to their own website is:

Clark & Weinstock is a consulting firm that specializes in reputation and crisis management, regulatory issues, mergers and acquisitions, public affairs, government and financial relations, and investment community relations.
Our work involves the positive positioning of clients and their important issues with the institutions, individuals, and audiences that will influence the outcome of client objectives.

Wow I love the line "reputation and crisis management" See because I have been told my efforts on this issue are a "joke" but yet I did not need to hire a firm that specializes in reputation management!

This is fun... the NFRC said in their release that C&W have a history of representing "non profits" and I am sure they do. But when you look at the list of companies that these people rep, sure don't look like non profit to me...

Microsoft, AT&T, Lockheed Martin, Xcel Energy, New York Life and so on. Yes they do handle some non profits but its surely not in the same light that they handle these folks.

So why does NFRC need them? In his release Jim Benney noted that federal funding of fenestration related groups have been declining. And in the NFRC's case IT SHOULD! Any money that the DOE or federal govt gives NFRC is $1 more than it deserves. So really our tax payer money can go to people like Potomac? Or how about a cool 60K to a NFRC Board member for "research." They get money from DOE already and who knows what is done with it- getting anymore is simply insane.

Not only that, the NFRC with its fees and charges is having no problems making money. If they need to make money, here's a novel idea:
How about charge the people like WestLab and Keystone, WHO MAKE MONEY because of their relationship with NFRC more than $400? Maybe those firms who stand to make money on inspections and testing and the various procedures enacted by NFRC should start paying more for the privledge.

So they hire these guy.. Obviously there's something more there. But then again anyone who is inside the NFRC thinks that all is merry and I am just nuts. Which I am for the most part, but logic would win this battle and believe me any logical human would look at this group and just shake their head.

So Clark and Weinstock, welcome. You won't have nearly the opposition that you have when you represent Microsoft, or the Pharmaceutical Research folks, but you will a find a few with passion to at least raise their voices.

By the way one more item... What sounds more expensive:

Las Vegas in February at $109 per night or Hawaii in March or Quebec City in July.. At dramatically more. Ok just curious.


I guess after taking some time off I am having problems getting posts to accept... working on it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well I am sorry that it has been so long. I apologize.

A few things...

1. It was quiet on a lot of fronts NFRC and business wise but very busy for me in the Arch world of things. At the end of the day my family eats because of Arch. (because I don't have a revenue stream like the NFRC or Potomac)

2. I am back.

Ok a few things, on the return, I will cover more than NFRC... I will talk China, softcoats, and other issues. Thank you to everyone who e-mailed or called me and asked what my problem was and why I was not blogging.

But as always I have to start with NFRC....

In the last few weeks they came out with several items and over the next few days I'll look at themm. First and foremost, lets look at the resignation of Bipin Shah from the NFRC so he could start his own company.

Bipin is a very nice guy, no doubt and that being a nice guy allowed him to resign NFRC and start his own business with one new customer right off the bat- NFRC! As the saying goes "well aint that just special" (Church Lady Saturday Night Live). Wow what a stunner huh, and Bipin gets to still lead parts of the Non res process while making profits above board. yep NFRC really looking out for the public eh?

See this is a classic example of what is wrong with them- now, all of those fee's which for some go into the THOUSANDS of dollars go to paying someone to do work that staff was doing and this guy is free to help lead the program in a direction that may benefit him further financially. I guess the NFRC was tired of me harping on them making profit so they farmed out a part to their own.

How does this make sense?

There's other great nuggets that I will address in the next few days...

Will any of this make a difference you ask.. probably not, but we can try. The one thing I know is that people who are married to the NFRC are completely blind to what is going on. they make wild and bizarre statements (amazingly much worse than me) but they know they are covered because they are the Pit Bull in this fight. they have potomac and as you will find out they have another giant in their corner (wonder what they are afraid of...)

Anyway its good to be back!