Thursday, November 08, 2007

The normal weekly post

If you are coming here direct from the USGNN link, and have not been here all week, please scroll below as I have 3 days of NFRC coverage covered. Then again if the initials NFRC make you break out into a cold sweat, feel free to skip it… but I must say its compelling stuff and it brought in more reaction than I have gotten in a long time on the subject.


NFRC did wrap up today, but I was not there and there’s been no reports yet, so until that happens no comments… I do have a few e-mails to share on this subject including one that absolutely blasts me, and will do that after the press stories come out.

Elsewhere this week…

-- GreenBuild is going on in Chicago and right now everyone is glowing over it. While I am thrilled that the focus on “green” is growing. My fear is that too many times projects are being designed with only the goal of being “green” and not what the products can/will do. And sometimes the effects of that type of planning could cause monumental problems. Plus I believe that the true experts in the field of energy efficiency are not real thrilled with LEED as an example because that exact fact. When projects are built on the premise of “use whatever products get us credit” instead of “use whatever products truly work and save energy” you have problems. This is truly something to watch as more and more buildings go “green”….

-- Just curious which name came first- GreenBuild or GlassBuild?

-- The “exploding” glass table adventures are back in the news again. Earlier this year it was in DC, now it’s in Texas… and same scenarios… and same culprit… our friends in Communist China. I have been off the China beat for a few weeks while the NFRC Titanic discussions overtook the blog, but it’s still an issue- and still should be a major concern. Plus the Communist government knows that they have issues all over because they are “cracking down” on poor quality… yep, buyer beware…

-- Thanks to all who commented on the websites I featured here the last few weeks, which makes me think I should look into making it a monthly feature. So I am wide open- if there’s an industry site that you think deserves some props on the most read industry blog, drop me a note.

-- I got a note from a person who asked what the big deal about BEC is. Plain and simple it’s the ultimate industry event. It is the only event where you get all facets of the industry in one place for two days. Plus good speakers, affordable location and great networking make it a serious winner. I can tell you that the trip would be worth it to see Shep Hyken and Mike Eruzione alone…

-- On the football side, my Minnesota pick turned out nicely, and while New England won, they barely missed the cover… this week, I am taking Miami to break into the win column vs Buffalo… and at worse cover…

The video of the week is a nasty tease… it’s the preview for the new season of 24… season looks awesome! But note that unless the writers strike ends, 24 will be postponed… and unless this strike ends, General Hospital will go into re-runs and my wife into cardiac arrest….

(Note it starts after the commercial)

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