Sunday, November 03, 2013

The MVP process begins

A few weeks ago I teased that I was going to name an industry MVP for 2013 and soon would be floating some nominees.  And with this post, that process begins. Informally I have a received a handful of nominations of some very deserving people and I am open for some more.  So far here’s whom I have on the list to consider and I will name the winner in my last post for the year in mid December.  I am just putting one liner note next to each person; we’ll go into more detail later.

Tom Culp- His work on the energy side for our industry is tireless and very effective.
Mark Silverberg- Active at the trade level and work with folks in DC, makes us look great in others eyes.
Ed Zaucha- His work/effort is worldwide and he was actually nominated by one of my readers overseas.
Mic Patterson- For many he is the conscience of our industry, and a voice worth listening to.
Oliver Stepe- Heard from several people that Oliver’s unselfish approach to our industry needs commended.
Dr. Helen Sanders- Similar to Mark Silverberg on the trade level work and to Oliver Stepe on the unselfishness.
Scott Thomsen- The “Battle for the Wall” was prominent in the mention I got for Scott.
Tracy Rogers- His leadership/participation at GANA and AAMA and efforts to grow education in our world.

So that’s the initial list so far- if you have someone who you think should be in this race, drop me a line.  The nice thing is you find that there’s A LOT of good people in our world working hard for the good of the industry.


--  Just curious who of you reads any magazines on an app?  I know some who do it religiously and I will do it for a few, but not many. 

--  In my town we have an empty strip mall that 10 years ago was filled.  It’s an eye sore.  So this week I drive by and up in the parking lot of this mall is a new structure being built for an auto place store.  Which makes me wonder… with so much open inventory, why is a brand new building going up?  I just don’t get it sometimes…

--  This is a wild story on turning garbage into glass.  Obviously if this can be refined and done it would be quite the coup.  Finding re-use for our refuse, given the mountains of it we produce as a society is a must, but if we as an industry can some how be a part of it, that would be dynamite.  That said my guess is this is a very long shot.

--  Congrats to the team at Vos Glass on their latest award.  Class company that has been well run for decades.  In fact they were so well run they were always smart enough to never buy from me when I had a company in Michigan! Seriously though, great to see them get recognized as they do right by the industry and are always active in the right causes.

--  I upgraded to the Apple OS called “Mavericks” and I am frustrated by it.  I may be the only one who is, but it’s been miserable for me, especially with my mail.  Any of you using a Mac who have upgraded, let me know if you have any insights.

--  Last this week… it sure looks like College Football is going to come down to a possible crazy finish with more than a few teams in the running for the championship game. The powers that be there probably wish they started that 4 team playoff system this year instead of next!  Going to be a wild finish!


--  Behind the scenes at the Price is Right TV show.  Good read!

--  An amazing story to honor a fallen soldier on his final flight home.

--  Proof that blogs do lead to good things, including a compliment from a powerful CEO.


And the best ending to a College Football game this year… the “Hail Mary” in Nebraska to lead to Cornhuskers to an improbable win over Northwestern.  Wow!


Kris Vockler said...

Yes, Mavericks is strange and buggy.
Yes, I now read all mags on my iPad.

Umm, that is all. Nice MVP list, will be tough to pick.

Max Perilstein said...

Thank you Kris.. hoping the bugs get worked out of this soon... Hope you are well!!

Garret Henson said...

Evening Max, great list of MVP's - I have had the good fortune to work with many of them, all of them very deserving of the recognition! Talk to you soon.

Max Perilstein said...

Thank you sir! Hope all is well!!!