Thursday, November 14, 2013

Remembering Greg Carney, Rest In Peace

Just heard the news on the passing of Greg Carney.  I have to admit it has shook me up pretty bad.  We have truly lost a tremendous person.  The last several years of Greg’s life were not fun as his health betrayed him at several turns.  A few years ago he fought back but I guess this was finally his time.  I am truly devastated for his kids and family.  A great man taken way too soon.  I will miss Greg’s approach, care, and passion for life and our industry.  He was a fighter for what was right and was never ever afraid to say what was on his mind.  He also had a great sense of humor, could laugh at himself and have fun despite sometimes being in the firing line of industry politics.  When he grew his hair out to look “Fabio” like I noted it here on the blog and he had a field day with it.  He was always there for his friends too- no matter what he came through.  This is a tough one to take.  My thoughts and prayers to Greg’s family during this incredibly trying time.

I am sure that the tributes will be coming from all over the globe.  This is a man who touched many and will be so missed.

As soon as more info comes available I will certainly share.

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