Sunday, November 10, 2013

Price Increase Polka

In the news this week were announcements of price increases.  This is not new or stunning in anyway, in fact it’s become somewhat expected that a few times per year prices would be raised.  But this past spring when we had a price increase I was alerted by an industry insider to look at all of the increases and add them up over the last few years.  So I did… I went back to 2011 and added it all up.  Using all of these increases, clear glass should be at least 30% higher today than it was then.   Is it?  There are a few different angles at play here.  First off I believe we need to have higher prices, we have higher costs (and trust me from my current health care experience, wait until next year for those costs to explode) and the cost of doing business just continues to expand, so getting more for the product is a must.  Are we basically we’re our own worst enemy if we’re not getting mark ups that are needed? And yes there are surely two sides to this story, but I’m just throwing it out there, adding the numbers up surely gets you to think.


--  I am really excited about the interest in my 2013 Industry MVP award.  Great feedback and some additional candidates added.  Now I am even thinking about getting a cool glass award done for the winner.  After all, a most valuable person should get something to remember this award by!

--  Happy Birthday to my mom… hope you have a great one and many many more!

--  I am doing some research into various trade groups within our industry and I am specifically looking for regional glass and metal trade groups.  Examples would be like the Colorado Glazing Contractors Association and Washington Glass Association.  If you know of any, please drop me a line. 

--  I saw on this week that the DOE could be offering up to 1.6 million in funding to rate and certify the energy performance of commercial and residential window attachments.  The funding is subject to congressional appropriations which means it may not happen.  In any case, I am not sure it’s a great usage of public money.  While some of the money may be earmarked for actual technology, it is not known how much of it will be, and right now we need technology advancements more than rating.  And in the end, wouldn’t the NFRC just take that portion over anyway?  I would rather see funding go to companies for R&D with milestones set for these companies to reach to trigger additional support.  Otherwise, great ideas will die on the vine.

--  Last this week, Veterans Day is here and I just ask to please think about supporting a veteran through charitable giving.  These brave men and women fight for our way of life daily and they deserve as much support as we can offer.


--  What is AirBNB and ETSY and are they good or not?

--  Man dies when girlfriend doesn’t call 911.  Amazing.

--  A Pittsburgh man thinks he’s a dog.  Yep.  What a society we live in!


And how about this a car salesman with some solid dance skills..

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