Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wait and See

The story on Central Kentucky Glass being indicted on charges from a Federal Grand Jury hit the news this week and my reaction is very simple.  Wait.  Just wait before you rush to assign guilt to the ownership and folks at Central Kentucky.  In my dealings with the Martin family, while somewhat limited, they were absolutely first class people.  I know other folks, who I have the utmost respect for who vouch for the character of this company as well.   There are two sides to every story and I can’t wait to hear Central Kentucky’s because I have a feeling there’s a lot more to tell.  Plus I am sure many of us have seen specs from a government agency not be the most specific, logical or professional.  Needless to say, I am backing these fine people and just ask everyone to wait before guilt is assumed. 


--  Major congrats to Deron Patterson of PPG on his elevation to International Sales Manager.  Deron is a good man and tremendously talented.  A well deserved promotion there!

--  There was a report this past week on “bulletproof” glass and its market growing in the next few years.  First off, I was always told the word “bulletproof” was incorrect, that it should always be “bullet resistant” and second, I actually believe the report on the growth because the world continues to be a very dangerous place and more and more people are recognizing it and spending more to combat it.

--  The Architectural Billings Index was up yet again last month, with the year it has had, next year in real orders “should” be quite strong.  Of course if you read my blog on a regular basis you now know why I put quotes around the word “should.”

--  I am waiting on reports from the Vitrum glass event held this past week in Italy.  Some initial responses to me have been mixed on how the show was, so I am waiting until all of the folks I know who went get back to North America.

--  The Bill Evans blog from last week was as always fantastic.  Bill always knows the tones to hit…

--  A few weeks ago I railed on the over abundance of pink, mostly in the NFL.  Well I found this incredible blog post from a breast cancer survivor who really put it all into perspective and wrote an incredibly passionate and moving piece on why this “pinkwashing” and all goes with it, is just not the best for the overall effort.

--  Did any of you see the bizarre story on the expert who thought wire glass could save lives in a case of an attack at a school?  If not it’s HERE and the guy who said it is pretty confused about modern wire glass. Personally I would hate to see this get any traction as we are finally making in roads in getting wire glass OUT of our world, I would hate to see it come back in.

--  Another week and another sets of major violence at schools.  I seriously think its time we have a dialogue on the mental health issues in our world, as they are pretty severe.  That to me is more important than any other controls.

--  Last this week… the NBA tips off this week and I am very excited actually about my Detroit Pistons… they may break 500 and make the playoffs… that said, this league still belongs to the Miami Heat and until LeBron retires or leaves them, I’m picking them to win it.


--  Bizarre billboard up the road from me in Flint, MI.  Any clue what it stands for?

--  I am always amazed at Marathon runners who do other stuff while running.  I mean it’s hard enough to RUN, let alone do other stuff like this guy just did…

--  This is a debate I have had with a buddy of mine for a while… college or not?


The Simpsons continues to be a classic show… though I must admit I haven’t watched it in a few years.  I did however catch this cool video of 10 Amazing Facts about the show…

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