Sunday, November 17, 2013

A tough loss

The passing of Greg Carney continues to loom large in my mind, so I wanted to spend just a little more time remembering this tremendous man.  So many of the initiatives, policies, and procedures that we follow as an industry had significant input and direction from Greg.  Greg was also involved with new technology and products that have yet to hit full-scale production too… when they do, it will be another awesome remembrance of what he brought to our world.  He had a passion for our world and ironically one of his biggest concerns was one we still have to address- getting younger folks interested in what we do and building talent and depth.  With Greg’s passing, it leaves yet another major hole on the technical side that needs filled. 
On the personal side, Greg was always there as a friend, always there with support whenever you needed it.  When I decided to start my own business, Greg gave me tons of models and insights to consider and follow.  It was also the thought of collaborating with Greg that pushed me to create the business the way I did. Greg Carney was an excellent man, father, and son.  Let’s not forget all he brought our industry and may he forever rest in peace.


--  Just a programming note, no blog from me next week because of the impending Thanksgiving holiday. 

--  Sending out get-well wishes to old friend Wayne Smith of Trulite. Hope you get better quickly sir and congrats on a great year by your “War Eagle” squad.  And what an amazing win by your auburn Tigers this weekend....

--  Greenbuild is this week and I am on record with my feelings for the event.  I am looking forward though to the release of the newest YKK video.  After how great the first two were the bar is very high.  Once I get it I’ll make it the video of the week here.

--  The Atlanta Braves are getting a new stadium.  You know because their current one is so old and decrepit… built waaaaaay back in the 90’s and all.  Unreal.  In any case a new stadium will be good for the glass industry in Atlanta, but I am not sure it makes great sense for the taxpayers and community though.

--  Hurricane season for the Atlantic ends officially at the end of the month and it looks like it will be one of the most mellow seasons in history.  This would also be the first time since 1968 that no major hurricane formed.  The predictions this year may be worse than all of my sporting predictions combined as the experts were calling for between 7 and 11 hurricane status storms… I guess those forecasters will now come over to the glass industry and start to predict our economic landscape!

--  Normally I would just link this story in my section for that, but it’s a great one.  A boy with Down Syndrome saves a classmate from choking.  Just excellent stuff and a good way to end a very tough week.


--  I have never done Disneyland… I am more a Disney World guy… but good link with helpful tips if you happen to go…

--  Fun facts surrounding the classic movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

--  Horrible and depressing way to end a Cruise.  Wow.


A simply enjoyable mash up of the somewhat unhinged mayor of Toronto and deceased funnyman actor Chris Farley. 

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