Sunday, October 06, 2013

Occupant Comfort could be the key

The cover story in the latest Glass Magazine is a must read.  The focus is on where our industry can make a massive difference with products now and in the future-in the crucial area of occupant comfort.  We talk all the time about what our role in the building world is and how some times we are taken for granted or not appreciated, well without question, our products play a major role in this equation.  Read Katy Devlin’s awesome piece HERE as she interviewed some of the best minds in our industry and in the architecture world to get a flavor for this entire development. 


--  The latest version of LEED launches in November and once again it will be interesting if the changes made will end up being a positive one. As people who read my stuff on a weekly basis know, I am not a fan of LEED or the USGBC.  But I will keep an open mind.  For those of you who want to know what you are up against with the new version, THIS is a great piece on it.

--  The government shutdown is surely stirring many emotions, and I have tons of opinions on it, but for now my concern is on the economy and I am truly curious to see what the end effect will be.  Sequestration hampered some segments of our industry, will this shutdown do massive damage or will it be spotty? 

--  Tough story of the week, University of Minnesota football coach Jerry Kill suffered his 5th seizure either before or during a game this week.  My heart just breaks for this man who worked his entire life climbing the coaching ladder, landing at a great school and then having this health issue that is obviously un-predictable and untreatable.  Here’s hoping that he can keep battling through these while also continuing to raise awareness of epilepsy and its effects.

--  I saw that AGC and Heliatek signed a development deal recently and I will be watching how that progresses closely.  Heliatek makes organic photovoltaics and that is product I know extremely well.  Will be very curious to see if this can get over the goal line.

--  The next big glass show kicks off in a couple weeks in Italy with Vitrum.  I will not be there because me flying overseas would probably set off many international incidents.  In any case, I know plenty of folks going and will get some reports from the floor.  Will be waiting to see what new products may be making their debut there as well as what the vibe is towards the market and its improvement over the last few months.

--  Last this week… the weather… gotta say it has been unbelievable this fall, at least everywhere I have been.  Which makes me think we are in for a miserable winter.  And the Famers Almanac backs me on that… so enjoy it now folks…


--  Great job by these young men in Fenton, MI… these kids should be applauded!

--  Fellow marketing friends… read this article on the airlines offering more services… curious on what your thoughts are… mine.. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!!!

--  Taking catch and release to a new level!


Haven’t shown much soccer in a while… but this one was hard to pass up… probably one of the best free kicks you will ever see….

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