Sunday, October 13, 2013

Think about the Pink

Being that it was a quiet week in the industry, I decided got this post to talk about the pink… the pink that is dominating this month thanks to breast cancer awareness efforts.  On the whole I think its amazing and exciting how this effort has taken off, pink dominates so much of society during this month that it’s really mind blowing.   But now is it too much?  Is it becoming too much fashion and not enough focus on the needs to actually cure the disease?  I sincerely wonder if some of the folks going so all in on this would be better off donating cold hard cash to research and a cure instead of these advertising efforts.  Specifically the worst aggressor of this is pro football where even the referees are throwing pink colored penalty flags.  To me their effort is complete overkill.  When money is being spent on items like that, I believe it’s a waste.  Instead of making pink football socks and pink mouth pieces- items that most of the general public would not probably buy- why not donate direct to the cause.  Awareness of this specific disease is surely high- especially this month, but is the money being funneled to the right places for the right usage?

Obviously ALL forms of cancer need to be cured.  All need awareness.  And surely all could use the amount of money that is being spent on pink hand towels for million dollar football players to use for 4 weeks.  I just think it was a great idea that now has gone way overboard and the end user is probably not getting the maximum amount of charity when all is said and done.

Oh and the NFL, if you don’t wear pink you get in trouble, like Brandon Marshall of the Bears, fined almost 6K for wearing green shoes last week to raise awareness during mental health month.  Sad when the league chooses one forum over another.


-- Received word late yesterday that Tim Moore of Standard Bent Glass was in a pretty bad auto wreck.  According to news reports, his car was hit from behind by a person fleeing from the police driving at more than 100 miles per hour.  Tim and his daughter Rachel are hospitalized with some very serious injuries.  Anyone who has ever worked with Tim knows he is an amazingly good man. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and Rachel, and I sincerely hope this can be a speedy and full recovery.  I will update this as we find out more.

--  Welcome to the newest blogger for our industry in Bethany Stough.  Her first effort was excellent and after spending time with her at AIA and GlassBuild America she is proving to be a quick study and someone who gets the personality of our industry.

--  Her blog on marketing was solid, and it did drive me to think on one thing with regards to marketing…  and that is follow up.  Good old-fashioned stuff, like following through on leads, mining your data, determining if your promotion or advertising worked.  Things like that have largely disappeared which usually leads to people saying that their marketing effort “didn’t work” – which makes me laugh since many don’t take enough time to research it to see if it actually did….

--  Great to see my old friend Joe Carlos of Triview Glass in the Glass Magazine “G3” section this month.  The question was a good one too with regards to codes and the challenge their companies face.  The fascinating thing about the subject of codes is these days it encompasses so much and can take so many different directions.  It surely has become a much larger player in our world compared to a decade ago.

--  Last this week… does anyone read the LinkedIn message boards anymore?  Just curious… the last handful of months those boards have been just a mess and its depressing.  There used to be some good conversations going but now its either massive spam or people pleading to sell their product, no matter who is looking…


--  This is a group of people I cannot stand… patent trolls… seriously they may be the worst profession alive right now.

--  Amazing that Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones still uses a flip phone…

When I go to amusement parks I always think about this happening… and sure enough it did…


33 Million people have viewed this video of a rigged coffee shop in NYC.  Not sure how I would react if I was there… wild!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. It has become the charity du jour and it has a gigantic infrastructure. How much of the donation $'s are trickling down to research and to help treat those who cant afford the best treatments.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. It has become the charity du jour and it has a gigantic infrastructure. How much of the donation $'s are trickling down to research and to help treat those who can't afford the best treatments?

Rich said...

My peeve is with Movember. Cancer has enough awareness. Skip the 'stache and donate to your favorite cancer charity.

Agreed about LinkedIn although I still do check in a few times a week.

I was at the Fright Nights opener at our local amusement park over the weekend. I thought about breakdowns more than a few times but was a hoot.

Don't get me started about follow ups!