Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh just wait NEXT year is the year

When it comes to construction forecasts I personally have been all over the board and that actually makes me exactly like the experts paid to make those predictions.  This past week, three major experts got together and presented and I am now as conflicted and frustrated as ever.  The main issue I have is the constant “kick the can down the road” approach.  I have fallen guilty to this effort, which means you are always saying, “just wait, such and such a year will be great!” A year ago the predictions pointed to 2013 being good, especially the 2nd half.  Now this past week one of the major experts booted that “can” down the road and said he hopes non residential will improve “later this year and do even better in 2014 and 2015.”  That comment just eats at me and shows that this is an inexact science- nobody really knows what’s going to happen.
What we do know is many areas are busy and many companies are doing the best they have done since the recession hit.  Bidding activity is strong as well.  But getting clarity from the experts and accurately reading tealeaves is just not something that we can expect.  By the way the experts were overall confident that we are growing in most sectors (though education looks ugly) and the trends are heading in the right direction.  I guess we will see…


--  Now that the shutdown is over or delayed until the fight starts again in 2014, maybe the focus can get on to the other issues that seriously complicate our world.  Then again Washington is so dysfunctional, that will never happen.  And to those of you dealing with the new health care act, I feel your pain, my health plan was cancelled (so much for “if you like your plan you can keep it”), pushing me into a whole new world that so far has not be easy to navigate.  More on this as it plays out. 

--  Greenbuild, the show that just boggles my mind with massive hypocrisy is coming in about a month.  Who’s going?  Philly in late November… should be special.  Attendance though should be good given where the show is and the bizarre hype that show gets.

--  I’ve been playing with an idea (which I am confident will be copied by others, which is fine since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) to have my own award of MVP of the flat glass industry for 2013.  Someone who has made an impact on our world whether its with technology, codes, companies, growth, charity etc.  I have a few people in mind, and will be laying them out in the coming weeks and naming the winner at the end of the year.  I may even spring for a glass trophy for the winner.  If you have someone in mind that deserves recognition, drop me an e-mail.

--  Last this week… another public get well soon.. as we continue to wish for a speedy recovery of Tim Moore and his daughter, thoughts go out to my brother Steve who underwent a serious neck and spine procedure this past week.  Surgery was smooth but recovery has been very rough.  Get well quick bro… we need you back out there doing all you do!


-- Tremendous and inspiring story of a marathon runner with MD.

--  College admission sabotage and more.  The pressure to get into a college and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for that honor is insane.

The end of coloring at this school… I like it since it’s very frustrating when your kids are in 8th grade and still having to “color” projects.


The new headquarters for Apple are proceeding and the building looks to be amazing.  To help get the city to approve it, Apple produced the video below which I found really interesting.  Especially the comments on the glass of course.


Anonymous said...

Pass along my get well fast wishes to Steve please! Hope he's back out there quickly!


Rich said...

I keep saying 2015. Mark my words Max, 2015 is going to be HUGE!

Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery to Steve...