Sunday, March 06, 2011

The start of something good?

Well here we are in March, a majority of the horrible awful weather should be behind us and quite frankly if the train is going to pick up steam it will start this month. This past week some news popped out about credit being easier to obtain and that news alone is very encouraging. The tightness of the lenders has been the major stopping point that many analysts and advisors have pointed to over the past 9-12 months and if that is starting to loosen that really is a good sign. But we will see as this has been a time that no one has ever experienced before- no other slow period compares.


-- Major props to Chuck Knickerbocker of TGP and Mike Burriss of Cytec on their new positions within GANA. Both are tremendous men that bring significant value to the group and our industry as a whole. They follow in the footsteps of good people too in Doug Penn of Vitro America and Cliff Monroe of AAG and I do believe they will do awesome jobs… pressures now on you boys… gotta deliver!

-- Greg Silvestri leaving Viracon was big news last week. I met him and interacted with him on a few occasions and he always treated me well. Heck that was probably his downfall. Seriously though it is another shift for our industry and there are lots of rumblings out there that more are to come at companies throughout the industry.

-- What am I missing? The auction at Barber Glass (as advertised over at is slated for March 16th yet I keep hearing about who already owns certain pieces that will be auctioned off. So is the fix in? Is it just rumor mongering? I don’t get it. And to think my wife said she wanted an autoclave for her Birthday and dang it that was the one I was going after!

-- And on that note a Happy Birthday to my bride… March 7th… and she told me she is 33… and I am not going to fight her on it. Plus I like it- most people say 29…

-- And while on the family track, I get asked a lot about how my sister Marcie is doing. Marcie was in the industry for basically a lifetime and she got out last year… she has now found an amazing home in the retail world and she just was honored by top management for her efforts… I just think if she woulda got into that business when she was younger, the store “Nordstrom’s” would be called “Marcie’s”…

-- The Washington Examiner ran another piece on the whole “Green Bandit” issue. The story is HERE but for me I chuckle because the main character is Cathy Zoi and she is married to a guy named Robin Roy… and as the late great Myron Cope would say… “YOI! And DOUBLE YOI!” (Gotta be from Pittsburgh to get that one) But goofy Pittsburghism’s aside- it’s an intriguing story that has been debated by both sides for a while- so the truth probably lays somewhere in the middle.

-- Last this week… the post from last week had two comments from two of the coolest west coast people around. I am big fan of both Kris Vockler and Alan Gottesman and was thrilled they both took time to write. And the points they added were great- Kris on the weaknesses in LEED and Alan adding yet another deterrent to the clean energy movement. Thanks guys!

LINKS of the WEEK!

-- Gotta love this story… Government getting new and wild Anti terror and war spying equipment but the supplier is boasting about it. Isn’t this stuff supposed to be secretive?

-- Tough story in many ways- 2 young kids and Aunt living in shed behind abandoned house. Which offers the question of why not live in the house? And makes you sad that this stuff is happening anyway.

Tough way to go, while dancing on your 70th wedding anniversary…

VIDEO of the WEEK!

The two guys that have dominated our news lately- Charlie Sheen and Moammar Ghadafi are now immortalized in this pretty comical game of “Who said it?”… and folks it’s really time for the Sheen episodes to end so we can move on to next great controversies!

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