Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BEC 2011 Recap

Well another year and another BEC in the books. As always the networking was the huge opportunity here and many great chances to hook up with the some of the finest minds and people in our industry. The overall attitude was hopefulness. Hope that the economy advances and hope that we all can be back here in a year with better things on our plates. And as I have always done it- in a “Page 6” style, here’s who was seen and heard over the few days of action…

-- I unfortunately didn’t get to attend as much as I usually do, but I did really enjoy the presentation by Dr. Don McCann of Viracon- good food for thought in there and featuring the movie star good looks of Cam Scripture was slick. I did also enjoy Kawneer’s Diana Perrriah’s spot as well. And it goes without saying that I am in the tank for Dr. Tom Culp. All the speakers did well in a tough room layout. It was very dark and wide open- so intimidating to say the least. And as was noted by my pal Chuck Knickerbocker of TGP, the BEC was really missing the “C” part this year. And that pained me and I hope that this was an aberration and not a trend.

Elsewhere from the floor and about BEC…

-- Got to get a quick meal with Jeff Meyer of White Bear Glass and he continues to be a guy people in this industry should model their businesses like. Ran into Guardian’s Jay Phillips looking crisp as usual… I swear that guy could work on a road crew and still look calm, cool and collected… Always an honor to see the “Glass Pundit” ICD’s Kris Vockler along with her legendary Dad Larry. I came “this” close to meeting Jim Porter of Apogee… alas I missed him… dang as I am fan. Obviously you know I am a fan of the Viracon crew- got to visit briefly with Garret Henson and Christine Shaffer- and my gosh I enjoyed just getting the overflow from their crowd.

-- I got to meet Jeff Razwick of TGP for the first time which was nice. Speaking of first time intro’s I met Joe Cesarotti from Hurricane Protection Industries for the initial time after communicating with him via e mail and NGA classes. Of course ran into George Petzen- he is an absolute staple of this event and got the bonus of meeting his co worker Kelley Lasek who even admitted to reading this blog! Brave guy he is. Roger Watson of Saint Gobain was there and for his stalker in Canada, he’s still pretty cool.

-- I met in person for the first time Serge Martin of AGC- he gave a tremendous speech too. Very nice guy and I am thrilled he is here and active- that’s two years in a row for the AGC influence at this event- very cool. Dr. Helen Sanders as always is an absolute treat as is the always awesome duo of Julie Schimmelpenningh and Aimee Davis of Solutia. (And I owe both Ice cream since I had to leave town early) Raj Goyal always looking good was on hand but I didn’t get much time with him or with Mark Silverberg of Technoform who happens to be one of my all time favorite people. I also missed Jan Rogan and Glenn Miner of PPG- never could get near em. And amazingly and frustratingly I never got to see Greg Carney. Unreal.

-- Missing this year…. Bill Sullivan is always there and he obviously had better plans as well as GGI’s own Mr. Brenner, just not the same without him. The gang from Bratton led by my pal Todd Riggs were also noticeable by their absence as was anyone from Pilkington… if they were there I missed them. I honestly don’t remember Pilks missing this event before.

-- Anyway it’s another year in the can and unfortunately one that I just didn’t get to enjoy the full flavor of. Next year will be better for that I am sure.


-- GANA did run an event called LOGIC that featured two very good speakers. The legendary economist Art Laffer and Blogger and Social Media guru Chris Brogan. Both gave tremendous presentations. The big takeaway from Laffer was his optimism that a possible change in the White House in 2012 could lead to a massive economic boom in 2013. Brogan’s speaking style and info were just super- very insightful and I wish I had another hour with him.

-- The rumor mill of course was working overtime but that was one area I was thankful that I did have to leave early.

-- No links or video this week (and I have a TON of links ready) because I ran out of time, they will be back and in full force next week. May even run that crazy Corning video again as so many people keep telling me about it!!

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