Sunday, March 20, 2011


When I posted my blog last week and mentioned the devastation in Japan, it was still very early in the aftermath. Now with more than a week past, the one word that comes to mind is “incomprehensible.” It is seriously mind blowing what that country and their people are going through now and will go through for many years to come. And this is surely not something that will be for us as a continent to just watch and figure we are far enough away from to affect us. Japan, with their technology, goods, and services are a bigger part of the fabric of North America than you may think. As the New York Times called it- this is a crisis the markets just can't grasp. It's like nothing we've ever seen before. Specifically from an industry standpoint this could have effect (even though some reports are saying all is fine- we’ll hope that’s right) on a glass supply that was due to be tight to begin with (it’s already insanely tight on the auto glass end) and will surely affect gas and cost of living indexes. There’s no doubt that this horrible and tragic event will be yet another hurdle for our world to get over and here’s again hoping and wishing for our friends in Japan to see some light and good sooner than later.


-- There was a regional glass event last week and the rumor mill was working overtime. All I can say is about 99% of things that were spread are pretty far fetched. But that’s what happens when you get a bunch of people in a room, too much time and not enough business on their hands.

-- The New York Times reported HERE on a takedown of the good ole Department of Energy by the Inspector General. Evidently poor record keeping that leads people to wonder where their tax money is really going was the subject. Count me as absolutely unsurprised. In watching the DOE and the members I came in contact with, their desire to be led by the nose by special interest while ignoring any other viewpoint was a major turnoff and red flag. This is not the first time the DOE has been ripped by a governmental report and I just wish for all of our sakes it would lead to some actual change there. But instead excuses are made and the same tired bureaucrats keep pumping out the same dreck.

-- If and when we get the whole true blue Glass Hall of Fame going I will nominate the designers of the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport Rental Car Complex for an achievement award in the usage of glass. The complex used glass absolutely everywhere possible and it was exciting for a glass geek like me. They didn’t go crazy on colors and decorative but the fact it was all over was cool enough for me.

-- The folks at Glasslam once again are working the angles to try and bring new concepts forward. The past week they announced a new spacer manufacturing system. Basically this system would allow their users to make their own warm edge spacer and control the game. With everyone looking for an edge this could be a player.

-- Glassweek and BEC are kicking off later this week. Next week’s post will cover the highlights, so it won’t be up on my normal site until late Monday night and will still appear on E Glass Weekly (as long as the fine people at Glass Magazine still want me) on Tuesday.


-- Classic reminder to always turn off your phone- or at least put to silent… especially on live TV giving an important rundown on the final four! It’s at the one minute mark

-- One of the most disturbing stories you’ll read in a while…. This guy needs to put away or put down. Just frightening

-- Great piece for my fellow travelers… top 10 hotel things you should know… and I have to chime in on #7… the freakin “resort fee” is an outrage when you are traveling for business- especially when you are only in for a night. Highway robbery.


It is basketball time and the best play by play announcer in March Madness is Gus Johnson and one of his fans put together a great compilation of his best calls… the guy is awesome. Some of the video is poor, but it’s the audio to care about.

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