Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not so fast on the Triples...

One of the most popular articles on the excellent Glass Magazine website has been the story on the growth of triple glazing. And while it seems to be that growth is on the horizon on that segment I actually look at the incredible products both here and in the very near future that will knock down that need to go to triples. The growth of these alternate products will come from education and promotion and I think you are going to see a ton of both in the coming months. Quite frankly it’s an exciting opportunity for our world.


-- Sorry I have to bang my chest- well actually give major props to my brother. Way back, on February 19th, my brother Steven sent me the now cult famous “Corning Day Made of Glass” video. And I posted it on my blog. The problem was that most people now just read my blog through the E Glass Weekly portal and only 1/3rd of the traffic clicks through the links or video. Well way back before this video got all of the attention it was on here first- Steven had it pegged- and we had it here. I guess next time I gotta make a bigger deal eh?

-- Very tough news this week when I heard that Dan Wright was out at Guardian after 16 years… That news threw me and pretty much everyone I told as if you know Dan, you know he bled the Guardian blue- he was a lifer. Anyway, he’s now a free agent and I gotta say is a prized free agent for sure. The guy will be an awesome addition to an established or growing company and someone will be extremely fortunate to make that pick up.

-- Great resource… Chicago Window Expert… can be found here. Big fan of the site and knowledge and I think Mark Meshulam does a fantastic job.

-- DyeTec solar getting a cool million dollars is yet another example of the fact that solar is far from dead. Still a ways to go- but money like that- in this economy is amazing and means there’s still great potential.

-- Last week I was sent a report that showed commercial construction staying down the rest of the year, with the “recovery” coming next year. To me this whole forecasting thing is starting to look dubious. Does anyone really know? The fact that the banks are easing a little (supposedly) is a positive and so far the ABI is hanging in there- but end of the day, I think we’re all still in the dark and hoping for the best.

-- Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Japan affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami… The video of the destruction was jaw dropping and incredibly sad. It really is a disaster on epic levels and hopefully they can recover as quickly as possible.

-- And finally… it is March Madness time… last year I did actually pick the winner here on the blog (I know shocking right?) when I tabbed Duke to win it. We’ll this year I am going with the repeat… Duke to win again… and yes I do hate Duke and hope my “powers” work where they failed last year.


-- This is one dedicated and crazy coach back on the sidelines to coach in a big game just HOURS after giving birth!

-- The world’s youngest” grandmother at just 23! But as a good friend mentioned to me- she looks older than both of us… and I agree, she is not looking good for her “age”

-- This man has 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts all over him… and the headline calls him “weird”… umm.. I think I’d use more harsh language!

So for the 1/3rd of you who make it this far… THANK YOU…. Anyway I was sent this classic of Charlie Sheen compilations earlier this week… and very good. The guy is pretty crazed (or actually very seriously crazed… ) but is comical too…

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April Oakley said...

As a UNC fan, I hope the Duke pick turns out to be a loser :) Hope you have been well Max!!!