Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacay Q&A

I am actually on vacation this week, but before I headed out, I compiled a bunch of e-mails/comments (from the few months) to post and address here on the blog… So no links or videos. See you next week with normal approach.

Q I gotta ask, how do you have time to do all of this?

Some weeks are easier than others when it comes to cramming it in my days. Long plane trips are great though for getting this done. I also though did cut back to once a week, unless the news merits it- so that’s helped too. Last, I really can’t blow it off anymore, with the traffic I have been getting, I’d feel like I’m letting people down if I miss.

Q I’ve followed the NFRC stuff for the last few years and I am baffled. Does it really mean anything? No one has really ever clearly shown what it is, and why I should care. I get that you hate them, I just don’t get why I should.

Great comment and question and one that I went back and forth on with the writer. I’ll try to be brief here… does it mean anything? Sure it does- it’s a policing organization with no concept of commercial glass or aluminum barging its way into your lives. If they succeed, you’ll have more costs and more steps in doing an already difficult job. So you should care because it will affect your bottom line. Keep in mind though that the only thing going for you and us is their lack of knowledge, which should/could doom this whole adventure anyway.

Q You’re offbase on NFRC, your industry needs what they are offering and it doesn’t matter, its going to happen if you like it or not.

I get a few of these, and I have no issue with the other sides opinions. But the sentiment shown in the quote is part of the reason this will most likely fail… the whole “we’re gonna stuff this down your throat angle” tends to turn people radical.

Q I have yet to work with an architect (and I work with many) who grasp or understand what NFRC is attempting.

Oh c’mon seriously? I mean the NFRC paid a board member 60K to educate them! Once at a meeting the following line was uttered by an NFRC Board Member:
“If the architects don’t buy into this, we can shut the lights and go home”
Yep, lets conserve energy shall we and shut the lights. As I said then I say now… funny that the concern was the architects accepting, since no one cared if the industry would.
With that we’ll leave the NFRC alone for the rest of this post.

Q Will you watch the Olympics or will you boycott since its at your favorite place?

I’ll watch since I enjoy sports- I do hope that some of China’s disgusting ways do get exposed though. As for boycotts, our President should be boycotting the opening ceremonies… but then again he surely likes to do things his way… right or wrong.

Q What’s the next great glass product?

People ask me all the time on this and I really think that the triple stack revolution that PPG started will keep growing. High visible light with low solar heat gain. As for new styles, I think really the focus will be on PV, and Dynamic Glazing like what Sage offers.

Q Why do people ignore using the proper Low E’s in the proper regions?

A great question that deserves its own post and article actually and that is coming. This is a dirty little item that should be exposed too.

Q Do you get along with the other bloggers and columnists?

I feel like I do, though I think my style is different and so sometimes people believe there’s something there when there is not. I have a lot of respect for them for putting themselves out there. As for columnists, I can tell you that is very hard- coming up with fresh approaches every other month (for me) is tough. I can not imagine how guys like Lyle Hill do it month after month.

Q Still think the Dodgers will win the NL?

No I think not… and no way will I jinx the Cubs- done that in the past. Bizarre as it may seem, I like the Mets now. And that sound you hear is a huge Mets fan in New Berlin, Wisconsin cussing me out for jinxing his team.

Q Seriously who will buy the AFGD’s?

This was a part of a longer e mail… and at press time… I have no idea… I had heard many rumblings about a major player buying the whole kitten caboodle, but that keeps getting shot down… It’s probably going to head to the private side- though anything is possible at this point

Q You seriously liked the interview with Hathaway?

Yes I enjoyed the insight. Not everyday you can get that type of detail. Deb’s interviews never fail to come through. Its funny people thought I would be totally against it or hate based on the competitive landscape and that’s insane really. Good stuff is good, no matter the set up.

Q Do you still get e-mails from EFCO folks?

Not really. I used to get but as the deal settled in, they went a way. I’ll get a stray one here or there- but it’s not like it used to be. Still I’ll always be thankful to them for giving me a major heads up. That deal and the coverage here made this blog legit. It also forced, sadly, other deals to be done even more secretively, meaning my flow of info on deals really dried up. But we keep after it. In the end, I was happy that I was able to keep the EFCO folks in the loop and that was the biggest thing people commented to me about.

Q You’ve been quiet on AAMA lately- I thought you hated them?

Nah, just always wanted more. And really lately they’ve been doing all they can for their membership and the industry they serve. Shame it may have taken a bit longer than I woulda liked, but bottom line is they are doing the right things.

Q Are you going to do the industry superstar thing you did last year and if so will you take a nomination?

I am going to do it and I am always open to nominations… though I do have to know the person. Gonna be a tough one as the folks last year were and are so GOOD, it’s a challenge to prop people of the same abilities.

Q Lawyers! I can’t stand them either. It’s so nice that you just let them have it when you do. Though I think they are in the rights for going after the glass guys, I just am not a fan of the profession.

As I have said before outside of the legend that is Kim Mann and BEC speaker Rick Kalson, I am not a lawyer guy. As for the suits, believe what you want but the lawsuits filed against the glass manufacturers could not be more frivolous. Just blatantly sad. The shame is as I have written before is the resources that will be lost because of this whole charade- just tragic.

Q "China grows fat while embracing Western Lifestyle"?? I embrace ancient China--the "BUDDHA" was fat and happy!!

Classic- that's how I am living my life from here on out!

That’s it for this special “vacation” edition of From the Fabricator!


Anonymous said...

Monday 21st.
welcome back... not much has changed in the week you enjoyed some well earned R+R.

Chinese are still making money off the uneducated and unfortunate on both sides of the globe. NFRC full steam ahead on what may be a trip to nowhere. Everything big, bigger and BIGGEST is still finding its way to the deep pockets in Dubai. gas prices still on the rise along with the dreaded Energy Surcharge. Architects still skip responsibility by giving contractors more accountability for their designs and everyone needs their glass delivered yesterday.

Hope you are rested and welcome back to the front lines.

Jim F

Max Perilstein said...

Thank you for the note- and its great to be back- with all the adventures and all!!

Anonymous said...

EFCO Update
Almost a year has pass. Quite a few Pella personel here .
Updating the production lines .New tempering oven is up and running .