Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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There really is a bigger story in our industry this week then the issue I have been yammering about on my blog daily. The story is the fact we are at the start of a glass shortage and it is a problem that will grow and have a significant effect on our industry as the year goes on. There are several factors at play here that brought this on, and while for some the poor economy makes it seem very unlikely that we’re running short on glass, it apparently is true. Basically a combination of a planned decrease of float capacity, coupled with untimely repairs has been enough to start the handcuff process. Add in the explosive growth of solar products (which eats up glass like crazy) and you have the mix that is causing the problems. Some products are already on allocation and expect the problems and delays to worsen. What can you do? Communication is one major step. Having a great relationship with your suppliers is another. It’s amazing actually we are headed to this juncture, but it was due to happen eventually. Also keep in mind, that this will probably spur another price increase from the primary guys- my guess is September. End of day, it is what it is… but I believe this to be very real and to be taken very seriously.


-- Another classic industry name is being phased out with Oldcastle starting to minimize the Vistawall name. In fact when you go to the name Vistawall only appears once on the front page, and that’s in the announcement that Oldcastle bought them. I think things like that are expected, but Vistawall’s name brought a lot of prestige with the architectural community and I just found it surprising that its going away. So add Vistawall to Amarlite, Aldora, Extrudite, and the countless other classic aluminum manufacturing names that have went the way of the Dino.

-- Folks the GANA Fall Conference is coming up and its one to come to. From a technical side it’s a great opportunity to get up to speed on the issues that affect you and your business. Some serious talent attend and work to make sure your interests are protected. In addition it’s a tremendous networking event. For more info go to GANA’s website HERE. The dates are September 8 to 10 and its in the great state of Texas- with the meeting held conveniently at the DFW airport Wyndham. Seriously, it is worth the time.

-- Saw an ad this week in the new USGlass Magazine from a company called “Glassopolis”… I can say I have never heard of them- but I can say it was one of the better ads I have seen in a long time. Creative, eye catching and memorable… Good work to whoever did it.

-- Congrats to the Seattle Mariners for having peanut free sections planned for their games. People who don’t have food allergies or have kids with them (like I do) have no idea how wonderful this is. Believe me, every little thing helps and hopefully folks can survive without their peanuts for a game or two. Thanks to BGO for the heads up on this!

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To the links… Vegas Construction Edition

Lots of building in Vegas- but the speed and need could be compromising safety. A few pieces this week on the safety issue on building these new casino hotels-
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-- Wall Street Journal HERE.

Video of the week:
Thanks to Stu who sent this one in… ah the cellphone that can do EVERYTHING! I wonder if it can do NFRC certifications?

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