Monday, July 28, 2008

Quick Comical Update

The NFRC blog is up and running...

Its basic PR stuff... but the funniest unintentional post was the re cap of the speech by Michael Collins. He sees the residential market crisis coming to an end...

On the same day the markets got killed as the International Monetary Fund said there is no end to the housing slump.

The story on the housing debacle can be found HERE.


USGNN is out and of course the story they have was never mentioned on the NFRC blog. Best line in the story and it truly sums this whole adventure up:

Thoman responded, "Our [NFRC] background in simulation doesn't really apply to aluminum products. Our experience is in simulating wood and vinyl products … and we have less date on the CMA products," he said.

And there ya have it... once again... yep lots of wood and vinyl on commercial jobs. Now granted this is just talk on the simulation side, which actually is a must, but still the admission is comical.

More to follow I am sure!


Anonymous said...

What boat are they floating on?...Oh, must be JFK's PT 109.
The residential market is showing signs of recovery? This is comical.

This whole situation is like Dr Jeckel wrestling with Mr Hyde.

love your blogs...stay on it!

Max Perilstein said...

Thanks for the comment... man these people are simply amazing... so much material they give us to work with.

Another post coming tonight...