Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Good Readin!!

Folks, the latest issue of USGlass is simply incredible. If you have not gotten it yet, wait til you dig in. The centerpiece is another tremendous interview by Deb Levy. In Deb’s past she’s interviewed all of the big hitters and this issue she added another one to her list in Oldcastle head Ted Hathaway. It was an interesting interview and while I am sure many of you expect me to take shots, I am not. Afterall the guy pretty much has the same “love” of China that I do. In addition his comments about “knowing your costs” were spot on. Strong piece- and a note that the on line edition (here) actually has the “un cut” interview and is worth the read.

Oh and someday I fully expect a Deb Levy special edition of great interviews… like the ones she has done with Bill Davidson, Roger O’Shaughnessy, Leon Silverstein and so on.


-- In that same magazine was a guest piece by my pals from the NFRC that was simply mind blowing. First off, there’s a new drinking game in the industry- everytime the NFRC states they are a 501c3, you must drink. Believe me it’s their badge of honor and they use that line more than you can believe. Anyway… the highlite of the piece, which was the typical non speak that they put out, was this line.

NFRC operates as a consensus-based organization and all decisions are discussed as they move through the committees that drive the program.

OK… yep… this was after they noted that they are not like an AAMA or GANA- which are member driven orgs. But yet they want you to believe that they are “listening” to the consensuses- all the while making sure the board has the final decision to do whatever they want. You can’t have it both ways. And believe me this group has had MASSIVE consensus driven votes that were overturned at the board level… hmmm… consensus? Really? If they are a consensus based org, then call me Denzel Washington. What a freakin joke. By the way, the reason they try and promote the whole “consensus” thing is because they know that’s a hole in their MO. They have to appear to at least “appease” the masses, when in reality they’ve ignored the masses from day 1.

-- One more note, that was sent into me by a loyal reader of this Blog…


I just noticed something new on the NFRC website (home page) and thought I would pass it along to you...

What Does the NFRC Label Mean?

Energy Ratings You NEED and Can TRUST

I wonder if their marketing guru's believe if you capitalize a whole word it will make the reader BELIEVE what they are reading!?!

I love it- other people see the stuff I see now. And yep this is what 300K a year to a PR agency gets you. So I think I should try their approach… The NFRC, where hard earned MONEY comes to US, for services that no one NEEDS, and no one ASKED for, and in the end NO ONE will USE!

-- Been getting a bunch of e mails asking me about rumors and details on AGC and their future. All I can say, is it’s been pretty quiet out there. I’ve had fun though reading and researching some of the rumors people are sending in- so keep em coming- you never know when one will stick… after all it was in that style that we broke the EFCO-Pella deal.

-- This month on HBO Real Sports they did a piece on China exploiting athletes. Great TV and reminded me on how China exploits our industry. And a side note, the Olympics in China should be very interesting- they are already having a ton of issues out there and the pressure will be huge with the “world watching”


“Maxed Out”… great name but not the reason its here… it was a documentary about our dependence on credit cards and how the credit card companies take big time advantage. Interesting on several levels and worth the watch.


-- Super article here talking about the demise of the great state of Ohio. I wonder… Ohio suffers around the same time as Jack Deyo retiring… hmmm… Coincidence????

-- Get ready for a new way to get your milk! Brand new funky containers that can keep costs down. The best part of this article is how people are furious because they can’t figure out how to pour from the new containers!

-- Something makes me think that the NFRC will pay 300K next year for this advice that’s listed here for free in the New York Times…. Its how you can get your products noticed by the use of words (and probably CAPITAL LETTERS!)


From loyal blog reader Dave… a cool site.. it’s the Birthday Clock… and it’s one of the neater things to try out. Amaze the family with it… enter your birthday and watch all of the relevant and irrelevant stuff come up… Click HERE


Thanks to Pete for this one… its now been proven to be a fake… (Though Pete has a world class softball player for a daughter- so I could see her pulling this off) but still very cool stuff…

A happy and healthy holiday weekend to everyone… celebrate and do it safe of course… and thanks to everyone who sent the above links in- it is appreciated!!

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