Sunday, August 02, 2015

A new option to consider

Some interesting news broke this week initially via the twitter feed of John Wheaton.  John linked to a press release that was posted a couple weeks previous about Underwriters Laboratory, UL, getting into the testing and certification for the building envelope.  This is pretty significant news because UL is simply a giant in the overall world, (they’re everywhere really) and having them now a part of industry will surely make some waves.  At this point it’s obviously too early to tell if the addition of UL to the landscape will be positive or negative.  However those of us who worked with UL on the solar side of things know they are tough and challenging to say the least.  This one bears watching folks…


And a few more notes speaking of certification or testing and the like…

--  Since the NFRC announcement of a commercial program reboot and my blog, I’ve heard from a few people about their frustrations with the current program and its software bugs.  The folks at NFRC surely have a hill to climb on this one as it sounds like more than just collaboration is needed to fix the program.

--  A few weeks ago I wrote about the glazier certification movement NACC, and noted first certified companies were due in July.  Well the first four to make it through the process have been certified and from what I understand several others sit in the queue awaiting final approvals.  This is a big movement for the industry; it has the potential to at least give credit to those organizations that are doing business the right way.  I believe you will see more on this in the coming weeks and months.

Now for the non certification pieces of the week…

--  Can those of you who live in the states with full service gas stations (New Jersey, Oregon) explain to me why?  It is just so bizarre for me to pull up to a station and have someone swipe my card and pump my gas.  I’m amazed that some states still even have it.

--  I really enjoyed this article by Bryan Bush about the value of GlassBuild America.  Bryan is currently the chairman of the board of the NGA and a very successful businessman in his role at City Glass in Omaha, NE.  He knows what value is and I think gets the message across nicely here.

--  Last this week… can you believe it is August?  This year seems to be flying at a record pace.  Fall is now so close you can see it, especially with football starting up within the next 30 days or so.  I know many parts of the country are going through serious heat waves but I for one am not ready to return to the sub arctic temps that we get in winter.  So world… time… slow down some eh?


--  So are we now far enough from 9/11 that some people don’t realize if you cause trouble on a plane, the other passengers are not going tobe kind?

--  I’m still blown away that the song “Happy Birthday” is not only copyrighted but still involved in legal proceedings.

--  I LOVE stories like this- the goodness of people’s hearts… and I too have gotten brutally lost in Jersey as well… so I know the guys frustration!


I was pretty infuriated by the killing of Cecil the Lion… I just don’t get the thrill of a game hunt and the after math of leaving the carcass to rot… well it’s upsetting.  And I was not alone… but I think Jimmy Kimmel summed it up best.

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Rich said...

Interesting about UL.

In BC, some municipalities have bylaws that state full service gas stations only. If you pump your own gas, you risk $175 fine. Doesn't make any sense. Pre-pay self serve seems the safest way.

Japan is famous for their full service gas stations which are more of a pit stop with 3 or 4 attendants working on your car.

I don't travel a lot however the number of people I've witnessed of being ejected from flights for being impaired is pretty shocking. Seems like once or twice a year.