Saturday, July 25, 2015

This 'n' That

Every once in a while a bunch of subjects come up that interest me and I feel like would interest all of you.  So in no particular order, here’s a batch from this week that may get you going.

--  I noted last week to watch the Architectural Billings Index and if you follow me on twitter you would’ve gotten my tweet on it’s incredible number.  A 55.7!  That is the largest rating since 2007.  I know we all sometimes doubt these numbers but my goodness that’s an exciting one to see.

--  I saw a great article via the Twitter feed of Kawneer’s Donnie Hunter.  It’s about how architects are not overly enthusiastic about specifying new products.  I like the insight it shows and quite frankly presents a heck of a challenge to product manufacturers in trying to get their materials out there.  Good, quick, and interesting read.  Thank you Donnie. 

--  So two big mergers in the health care world and rates are also going up for 2016.  I think no matter what system or plan is out there (Old way vs. Affordable Care Act) and what side of the political aisle you are on, this will continue to be a nightmare for everyone involved. 

--  Do you have 200 million dollars laying around?  If so you too can build an experimental “ghost city” to test new technologies.  This is fascinating.  I guess if the real world won’t incorporate it first, this is next best idea. 

--  How in the world “The Americans” does not get an Emmy nomination for best drama is beyond me.  That show is beyond excellent. 

--  I often note industry websites that impress me and this week, I point to Galaxy Glass and Stone.  Eugene Negrin and company have a fantastic site.  Love the use of pictures and creative layout.  Well done!

--  There is now research that it “pays to be green” when it comes to building.  Obviously this study will be used by many in this business- and probably by the folks at USGBC who actually probably hurt the process, but that’s another story… for another time.

--  Because of all of the controversy on the Confederate flag, I find myself looking for more info and insight on the Civil War.  Anyone have a good documentary or book to recommend on it?

--  Last this week… The buzz I am hearing about GlassBuild America is really blowing me away.  More and more people are planning to attend and in my research of the show floor, I’m thoroughly impressed by some of the products and services that will be on display.  For the innovation/diversification angle, this event will surely provide tons of it.


--  Funny and true comic strip

--  The hacked Jeep story is one that was sent to me by a few people.  Scary.

--  Do I have to say anymore than “Naked Artist in a Tree”


Pretty cool…. How they speak in Australia… abbreviate it all!

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Rich said...

The Aussies missed Electrician (sparky).

I learned all I know about the Civil War from watching North & South. I know, sad.