Sunday, August 09, 2015

Must Attend Event

We are now basically one month from GlassBuild America and there’s one event that deserves your strongest consideration on attending.  The 10th annual Glazing Executive Forum (GEF) will be held on the September 16th and it has the subject matter that truly is crucial to you both personally and from a business standpoint.  The keynote is “Building a Stronger Bench” and I think every single one of us in this business knows how crucial the development of the modern workforce is.  In addition a panel on managing lead-times, so incredibly important in the world of tighter supplies, will surely be a segment that can give you vital insight.  Mix in several breakout session options and of course the always must-attend economic outlook by Jeff Dietrich and you have an event that you simply cannot miss.  I know everyone is busy right now, but this time investment is surely worth it given the subjects about to be covered.


--  This past week a report came out that said BIPV technologies would reach the 9 billion dollar mark in 2019.  Now I love BIPV technology.  I have been a fan for a long time and still believe; some day it will disrupt our world.  That said I couldn’t even come close to believing this report.  Heck the report states that industry is at 3 billion right now.  Can that be right?  If it is, that’s one amazing sleeping giant out there.   Anyway, I call on my pals on that side of the industry for their insight because if that 2019 potential is true, the world is surely going to be disrupted….

--  Quick catch up… thank you to all who sent in Civil War recommendations.  I am loading up the various queues.  I appreciate it!  Now I have to find the time to take it all in. 

--  So some of the June construction data results are in and it’s pretty interesting.   As you know if you’ve been following along here, the Architectural Billings Index has been doing well for a while.  Only a few blips here and there.  But the Dodge Momentum index has been flagging some.  And in June, it suffered some more.  However looking deeper at the numbers shows, that 2015 is still pacing well ahead of 2014 and we’ve just had our best 1st half of a year since 2006.  Add in the positive spending and put in place reports, and confidence remains high despite the downward trend of the DMI.  Obviously it will still bear watching to see if there’s any weak points and I know in some pockets of the US, things did slow up a bit in June, but I am looking at that as more fluke than fact at this point. 

--  Last this week… 24 million people watched a debate for an election that is more than 15 months away.  Either the Donald really has drawing powers or this election really has people engaged already.  Here’s hoping for a competitive set of primaries on both sides with lots of choices and more debates….


--  Groom suing new wife for fraud….

--  C’mon Kansas!  Get it together with support of your teachers!!

--  Pretty wild story around the baseball trade deadline on a trade that wasn’t and a very emotional player…


Fascinating/scary video here where a couple of guys dress up and act like security people in Las Vegas.  Amazingly easy to pull off it looks like.  Interesting what they went after.

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