Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Growth of Unitized Glazing

As an industry we’ve seen quite a few impactful developments, but it could be argued that unitized glazing may be the most important advancement of them all, especially when it comes to labor and efficiency in the field.  The whole unitizing process is a game changer and the excellent article by Bethany Stough in the latest Glass Magazine really helps bring those who are unaware into the light.  With finding qualified workers harder and harder, processes like unitizing take on a larger role for sure.  Obviously not every job can use this style of install, but I have a feeling as time goes on, you will see more and more jobs that can be unitized, going that way.


--  Also in the latest issue of Glass Magazine, I had to pick my favorite ad of the month and it was a tough one with many great choices, especially with excellent new ads from past “winners” of mine Cardinal, Kawneer, and GGI.  However this month, tip of the hat goes to marketing genius Rob Struble of PPG for their “trust” ad.  Smart and eye catching for sure.  Well done Rob and team!

--  Good for the state of Hawaii in passing a mandate that says the state’s utilities must reach 100% renewable energy by 2045. The law, effective July 1, sets 30% by 2020, 40% by 2030, and 70% by 2040 interim targets.  You will now see more Net Zero work there featuring higher performing products including dynamics and solar.  I love it. 

--  Speaking of solar, it was good to hear from several people that the stats I posted last week- specifically that BIPV was a 3 billion dollar industry were off.  I thought so… nice to get some confirmation.

--  I have really gotten into using the excellent database at I suggest you click that link and “favorite” it as you’ll want to have it when you want to look for products and services in the industry. 

--  Gas prices.  You know I always have to hit it.  So while oil prices are at a historic low, those of us in Michigan and in other parts of the Midwest are paying 50-75 cents per gallon more this week than last.  Why?  Evidently some sort of a refinery issue at ONE of the gas manufacturers.  It’s amazing how that industry gets away with volatile price swings with never a whiff of collusion or really anyone at the ambulance chasing lawyer level caring.   

--  Last this week… Happy/Sad news from the industry… a great one has moved to a different company outside our typical product lines.  The always sharp dressed; never sweating Jay Phillips has left Guardian Industries to take a new gig as VP of Sales within the Masonite organization.  So while Jay will be dealing in windows and doors, we probably won’t see much of him on our side of the tracks anymore and that is too bad.  Jay did a ton for our industry, worked hard, volunteered and cared a ton.   I am thrilled for him as I believe he’s still on the fast track to continued greatness, but bummed I won’t see him like I used to.  In addition our industry is down another extremely talented person.  Good luck Jay- we’ll miss ya!


--  Count me as one guy who hopes Tom Brady wins his appeal- big time.  I can’t stand Roger Goodell.  Anyway, speaking of that, how about the brutal courtroom art work?  Isn’t it time for cameras?  It’s 2015…. We can do it.

--  Somewhere in South Africa there’s an out of work marketing person after this horrendous ad. 

--  Cool story on the Beatles playing Shea Stadium.  Love the line in here about them not being able to even hear themselves play- so they just stopped. 


I absolutely love this video.  Little guy learning Taekwondo.  Good stuff!


Anonymous said...

Back in July, the Western States Petroleum Association made the following statement regarding the several billion dollars more that Californians are paying at the pump vs. other US consumers, in spite of low crude prices: :"It is impossible to determine what portion of these costs are profits.The current situation in Southern California, while painful for consumers, is consistent with the increased volatility that has been a feature in California for many years."
In other words, there is so much money coming in that they cannot count it fast enough.
I hope all is well with you and yours!
Thanks, Joe Carlos

Tom Culp said...

So what was the rough consensus on the correct size of the BIPV market?

Max Perilstein said...

Thanks for the comments guys.. Joe- what a great reply and surely one to think on! Tom- the consensus really was saying that in reality BIPV is only at 1/3 of what they are saying it is now. That may be too low- so maybe its a bit higher than that- but everyone was adamant it was not near that 3b mark listed. Good to hear from both of you! Thanks!!