Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Trend Continues

The good economic news keeps coming our way. Construction spending in May broke the trillion-dollar mark, giving us the third straight trillion dollar spend and the sixth month in a row that there’s been growth.  May was very strong with the last time a month showed a better mark was way back in the glory days of October 2008.   That of course was pretty much the last good month we had before the slide came.  As we sit now, the “slide” doesn’t look apparent.  Though concerns about the dollar, world unrest, and the financial health of Puerto Rico and Greece surely sit as a reminder that things can change quick. 


--  Saw an interesting study on the fact that larger office buildings are taking more advantage of green building practices than larger.  So I am curious.  Why do you think that is?  Scale?  Cost?  Ego?  I just find it surprising because the study shows that less than 5% of US office buildings smaller than 100,000 square feet are qualified as green.  I guess I can also question the study because smaller offices may be green or even more "green" than any standard but choose to save money and not be certified.  But I just find the big vs. small angle interesting.

--  I pretty much prop the great work from Glass Magazine every month, but this latest issue is different.  This content is off the charts incredible.  Great columns, great insights and amazing projects to look at with the Glass Magazine Award section.  And once again in what is becoming my favorite section- the “Here’s an Idea…” piece was stellar with a look at AGNORA’s health and fitness efforts.  Great work.

--  Oh and while I’m being biased towards this excellent magazine, I should add that my ad of the month is the one for GlassBuild America.  Loved the format and layout of it featuring a question/answer set up.  Go check it out, it gets you thinking and those who “get it” will be on the floor at the show ensuring they don’t end up like companies in the “Question.”

--  How cool was the US Women’s Soccer team winning the World Cup?  I loved it.  I don’t watch sports like I used to, so this was a really enjoyable one to take in.  And a 5-2 soccer game?  That just never happens in that sport.

--  I just started to watch the new mini-series on CNN called “The Seventies” and it’s tremendous.  The first episode was about TV and they spent quite a bit of time on the show’s of that era.  Most notably “All in the Family.” – After watching clips of that, it dawned on me that show- which was so groundbreaking, could never happen today.  It’s pretty mind boggling if you think about it.  Anyway if you want excellent one hour looks back at that decade, check it out.


We’re taking the week off on this one… Links will return next week!!


Opening at theaters at the end of the month a new documentary on the life of funny man Chris Farley.  Should be a good one.

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