Sunday, April 26, 2015

2015 Cruising Along

Basically April is now in the books and 2015 is just screaming along.  I can’t believe we are four months in already.  Of the stories I have been monitoring, the biggest being the capacity tightening of glass continues to be the most interesting.  Some pockets of North America have been affected more than others, and with this cold, bizarre spring about to morph into a hot summer, we’ll see how things hold up.  I know my contacts are telling me it’s going to be rough, so we will see. 
The one cool thing?  The fact that so many fabricators and glaziers have raised their communication game.  I am seeing an unprecedented level of dialogue on leadtimes and planning.  That is great at so many levels and a good business practice no matter what. 


--  The Architectural Billings Index continues to provide good news for the commercial industry.  The main rating was up a point and the new project index up 2.  The worrisome news is that multi-family residential has had 2 negative months in a row. That bears watching for sure. 

--  Major kudos to the folks at Giroux Glass.  Their social media and website effort (with really strong blog takes) are absolutely fantastic.  Overall well thought out and strong content.  Very impressive stuff and worth checking out for sure.

--  This coming Saturday is as loaded as a sports day can be.  NFL Draft (which I used to live for, not so much anymore) NBA and NHL Playoffs, Major League Baseball games all day… the Kentucky Derby (major bucket list item for me- some day I’ll visit the Louisville legend Tony Kamber and attend) and ending with the long awaited Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.  If you are a sports fanatic I am not sure it can get much better than that.

--  By the way, my heart wants a Pac-man win, but the head says unfortunately Mayweather will take it.

--  Also this week is my trip out west to the Garibaldi Glass Day.  I am so excited to experience it and be involved on a panel while there.  I’ll surely provide some thoughts next week. 

--  I wish I had more time when I head to Vancouver, regrettably it’s an “in and out” for me- so getting to see the sites or visit with good friends like the awesome Chris Ketchum (who will be out doing a super job pushing RavenWindow, so he told me he wouldn’t see me anyway!) won’t happen this time…. Then again with the Canucks eliminated in round 1, not sure anyone will be in the mood to visit!

--  Congrats to a few companies on the recently announced expansions.  Onyx Solar is opening a location in Avila, Spain.  Plus they are hiring 60 more people.  That is great news for a very cool and needed technology.  Great credit to Alvaro Beltran, and my pal Diego Cuevas on the positive moves!
Meanwhile, Dip-Tech is opening up a service center in Shanghai- which is a smart move to handle that side of the world for sure.  No question that this is a company that just continues to press all the right buttons.   Last, the team from Alliance Glass is moving into a new facility and I loved how they promoted on Twitter with everyone in matching Ric Flair “Wooooo” t-shirts.  All good news and “Wooooo” to all!


--  Great story on all students opting out of an un-necessary test

--  Absolutely awesome story about the Boston Marathon and when a woman tried to run it when it was against the rules.

--  This is some serious theft of painkillers.  Wow.


Another big movie trailer this week… Batman vs. Superman coming in 2016.  Not sure I am into this one… but trailer looks interesting. 

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