Sunday, May 03, 2015

Working to Meet Industry Needs

Education and communication.  Both crucial needs in our industry and both were among the major themes at the excellent event I attended last week at the annual Garibaldi Glass Day.   This is the 5th year of a really unique and well-run event that gives architects, engineers, glaziers, glass shops, and industry at large opportunities to learn more about the fabrication business.  It was very apparent to me from the questions I heard throughout the event that there’s a serious need to educate the masses about what we do and how we do it.  I give the ownership and staff at Garibaldi a ton of credit for stepping up yearly to provide it.

I was honored beyond belief to be on a panel discussing all things glass and glazing. The other guys on the panel were awesome.  Industry icon Joe Marks of Global Façade Solutions was incredible with his depth of knowledge on so many aspects of the building envelope.  Brian Hubbs of RDH providing strong insight into the building engineering side, and Steve Thomas of Guardian dazzled the crowd with in depth and detailed information on all things glass.  Steve was like a human version of Google for glass, just ask him a question and BAM, you get everything you need answer wise.  I think in the end I was there for the comic relief because these guys were intense, but in any case it was a great thrill to experience and be involved in this fantastic event.  Thank you to Carey, Chris, and Craig Mobius and everyone at Garibaldi for their hospitality.


--  Just some other notes from the show… my day was made when Tish Oye of Glassworks Architectural Art Glass approached me and mentioned she enjoys reading the blog.  That was awesome and appreciated greatly! Getting to see Steve O’Hollaren of ICD is always great, and he was with ICD’s newest player Chris Fronsoe.  Chris is the type of young and energetic person this industry needs involved, so its great he’s out and about.  Also spent a ton of time bending the ear of Dean Borys of All Weather Window in Edmonton as well as Matt Hill of Guardian.  Both are a major credit to our industry and doing things right.

--  Oh and the design of the Garibaldi facility was surely something to see- exterior and interior usage of glass and glazing that ran the gambit.  Really a smart way to promote what our industry does in real life applications.

--  I gotta say I do love Canada.  Have never had a bad experience anywhere or with anyone in that country. 

--  Glass Magazine broke two pretty big stories last week.  The closing of the Southwall Insulating and personnel changes at HMI Cardinal.  Those stories both will have major repercussions in the industry, one of which is that there’s now some serious talent available for hire.

--  Last this week… a movie to recommend… on the plane ride home I caught “Now You See Me” – it came out a couple of years ago, but I never heard of it.  Glad I got to watch it- pretty cool and creative movie.  And evidently a sequel is coming out soon too.  Hope it lives up to the first one.


--  Guys its not yoga… its “broga”

--  This may be the goofiest infographic ever.

--  A really stupid teen.  Lucky to be alive really.


While the nation watched Mayweather-Pacquiao I had to go back and watch on youtube one of the greatest fights ever- Hagler-Hearns.  So those of you who spent the $$ on the PPV, here’s a fight that was worth paying for!

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