Sunday, April 19, 2015

Green Building Still Growing

The “Green” building process is a favorite subject of mine.  I believe that effort is still very immature and has tons of growth still to go, especially in North America.   So when I saw a recent report on the world’s twelve “greenest” buildings it was exciting to see our continent well represented.  Five of the twelve were in North America and they were:
  • Arizona State Health Services
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • Bud Clark Commons
  • SUNY-ESF Gateway Center
  • Packard Foundation Headquarters

If you supplied the glass and metal on any of these I’d love to know and learn more of what you provided and any challenges you faced.  And congrats for being involved in something both incredibly cool and important.


--  Another aspect of the “green” side of things is solar and I have been on record saying that product line is still in line to make an impact.  And now thanks to a link from always excellent twitter feed of Ted Bleecker, there’s some evidence of growth on the residential side.  While the business is not in the greatest of shape yet, and this story surely leaves a lot to wonder about, the positive undertone is there. 

--  Got tremendous news this week that the extremely talented Dan Plotnick of Guardian Industries got promoted to a new position in the Asia Pacific region.  Dan is now the Architectural Sales and Marketing Director for that area and I am thrilled for him.  Plus he’s at least one person on that side of the world that doesn’t hate me.  It’s a great thing to see when good things happen to good people.  Congrats Dan. 

--  I started my research into the AIA show and the immediate thing that jumped out at me?  Birds.  Or more specifically bird protection.  They’ll be several non-industry companies there with different options to protect the birds from the building envelope, as well as industry folks like Walker Glass showing their option for the architectural community to consider.  This trend may actually grow faster than I expected.

--  I’ve written a few times on how I love the glass usage at Dulles Airport, so when I was there this week, I snapped a picture.  Doesn’t do it justice, but believe me its amazing.  Glass everywhere and on everything.  And I noticed several different logos this time, so the supply was surely spread around too.  Overall just fantastic for a glass geek.

--  The great news from Apogee Enterprises on their strong year is also a good indicator for the industry at large.  It’s surely a positive that one of the big signature players is experiencing significant success.  And as for the Viracon segment and their great run, it’s no surprise given how dialed in Garret Henson and the sales team is there. 

--  Last this week, on a personal level; my teenage son has had his own blog focused on the world of professional wresting for a year or so.  Well this week, he started to write for a big publication in that industry and got his first piece published.  So incredibly cool and I am beyond proud.  


--  A napping worker gets a flight to remember.

--  A 70K minimum wage.  Going to be very interesting to see how long this lasts and how it works.

--  I love this story- a great grandmother foils a mugger.  Awesome.


Coming this Christmas a movie that will break all the records… Star Wars- The Force Awakens.  The new trailer came out this week and it.. is… awesome…..

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