Sunday, September 01, 2013

Wishing the best to Bob Lawrence

Happy Labor Day week and Happy Week before the biggest show of the year!  Finishing touches going on the show and below I’ll hit a few of those items but before I do, I wanted to pay tribute to a great industry man and class act who announced his retirement last week.  Bob Lawrence is hitting the golf courses full time and I for one will miss him greatly. In a lot of ways Bob was one of those “conscience of the industry” types- never afraid to give his opinion and never afraid to hear the other side too- and always wanting the best for our world.  He served the industry and his customer base with absolute class.  While I will miss him and his approach, I am thrilled he is starting the next chapter of his life and know he’ll be making a difference for someone, somewhere.


--  The Farmers Almanac was released and its predicting bitter cold for the winter.  Lots of snow.  Given the crummy summer, not a surprise.  Hopefully the weather is NOT a detriment in the building world though.

--  LEED back in the news this week, a fawning article about it hit the Atlantic.  This to me was over the top positive like I am over the top negative.  So I guess it’s the ying to my yang.  Worth the read though and comments are fascinating.

--  Happy Birthday to my brother Steve… if you see us together at the show try and guess who’s older…

--  Some updates for GlassBuild.  First and foremost, GlassBuild America now has an APP!  It’s a very cool addition that will make your show going experience that much better.  No longer will you have to scramble to find that booth you want to visit or seminar you want to attend- just click the app and you’ll be set.  If you are attending the show, download this now.  It works on Apple, Droid and even the rickety old Blackberry’s like I carry.

--  I have to extend a major THANK YOU to Guardian after they created and launched a video to promote their appearance at GlassBuild.  Video can be seen HERE and its great work from Earnest Thompson and Paige Plant Coates.  Super way to add to the momentum for the show!

--  In past week’s I’ve covered some of the stuff to hit at the show, so just a few more:
  • Stop by the AGC booth and see what they have going and you may even get lucky to see Glass Magazine interview star Rodger Ruff. 
  • Congratulate the folks at Virginia Glass for being in business 100 years… they’ll be celebrating at the show
  • Check out the “Smart” or “Dynamic” Glass options all over the floor… know it now because it’s here and showing in more specs than ever.
  • If you are looking for equipment, there’s no better place, the options on the floor, from all over the world is mind blowing.  I also heard a rumor that one major equipment company is planning a major splash at the show- if that happens, it will surely catch everyone’s attention.
  • Make sure you get to the Opening Night reception, always worth it. 
  • The floor demos this year have expanded with 4 of them happening throughout the run of the show.  All are going to be something to experience. 
  • The seminars on the 11th and 12th are all winners.  One example: If you are a fabricator of safety glass, the session there (Safety Glass Process & Training) showing the critical points in the safety glass process is an absolute must! 

 End of the day you WILL learn something during your time in Atlanta and it will improve either you personally or it will positively affect your company’s bottom line… or both.

--  And seriously make sure you visit and support the exhibitors… these companies spend significant time and resources to show off their best.  They deserve as much attention as we can give them.  Some amazing new products are being launched and old favorites shown.  I just wanted to say how much I appreciate every company that is exhibiting or sponsoring.  You all get it- and I thank you for supporting this industry the way you do.  I hope all that attend keep that in mind as well.

--  Last look for me in the bright yellow “Media” vest and say Hi… I’ll be shooting video all over… let me know what you like and don’t like, and of course I’ll have blogs from the show next week with my highly anticipated “who’s who” on the floor and more.


--  City of Ft Worth now has torn down 2 structures by accident… That is a major wow…

--  This man died after claiming to have 54 kids.  That is crazy right?

--  10 police cars to chase down a guy on a moped?  Really??


Video of Elephant ramming a jeep on a safari.  Pretty nutty… loved one of the comments left that basically said, “hey if you came into my house to stare at me I’d react the same way”

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