Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Big 2013 GlassBuild America Wrap Up

Another GlassBuild America is in the books and the key takeaway is pretty apparent.  There is serious optimism and proof of a positive trend in our industry.  The good news that came from the show floor was that machinery was being sold at an amazing pace. Whether it was fabrication equipment or glass (for shops and mostly job sites) handling machinery, it was in demand and being sold over the three days in Atlanta.  People would NOT be buying (especially in the numbers they did) if they did not think we were not headed in the right direction.

As for the show, I would deem it a major success.  Yes not every of the more than 350 exhibitors had a great show, but a heavy majority did. (Keep in mind the vast focus of the show makes it impossible for every exhibitor to have giant audience)  The vibe was great and the support that so many of the exhibitors showed our industry truly was tremendous.

The Glazing Executives Forum went extremely well.  The “State of the Industry” panel really delivered.  Economist Dr. Jeff Dietrich came through with a great presentation as always.  His statement of growth and investment really did mix well with the way the show went.  I will have more comment/details on this presentation on my next post.

I though the in-show demonstrations were spectacular.  The multi-laminate cutting one (Putsch & Company) was something I had never seen before, and I thought the “Are you Smarter Than a FenestrationMaster” (AAMA) was creative and smart.  Plus the digital printing piece by Dip Tech had great crowds each time and was fascinating too.  Last the Impact testing (ATI) never ever fails to impress and wow the audience.  That is truly a GlassBuild staple.

As for seen and heard on the floor…

-- Actually I did not see Jeff Cothery to congratulate him on his new role at Besana Lovati… happy for him though.  I did see and spend time with the great John Rovi of Sapa, he is a credit to our industry for sure.  I was very impressed with the effort and team at AGC; they really brought their “A” game to the show.  The CR Laurence booth was a massive hub of activity all show long.  I did get to chat with Lloyd Talbert of CRL and just really honored with his commitment to support the industry by going all out every year at this event.  Speaking of going all out, as always the folks from Quanex did not disappoint and a special thanks to Ryan Kerch there for his help and hospitality.  It’s not a show for me if I don’t visit the guys from Glasstech, Dave and Tom always in top form.  A couple of other Tom’s were also running around doing good things… O’Malley from Doralco and Herron from NFRC.  And so happy for Michael Schmidt in his new role with FOREL, he’ll do great things there.

--  I finally met Russ Slaybaugh from DFI in person after YEARS of communicating by e-mail.  That is another company that gets it when it comes to supporting the industry. 

--  GlassBuild had a “Best in Show” award and while they had extremely impressive and worthy winners, here’s a couple that didn’t win and I am stunned.  M3 Glass Technologies booth was a stunner.  Loved what the gang at Salem Distributing had going and in fact they win this years “Fashion” award with best golf shirts.  They offered me one for $19.95 too…. I’m going to save up to buy one for next year.

--  Old friends… seeing Scott Goodman from a far, getting a few minutes with Cliff Monroe, and chatting with Dean Mead.  Running into Tom Marsh was fun, but basically missing Tony Kamber, Joel Smith, Scott Sallee, and Manny Valladares was depressing- saw all 4 but never got to talk to them-surely bummed me out. I only got a couple of seconds with Oliver Stepe, of YKK, but was glad to at least get that considering he is a man in demand.

--  New friends… met artist Christopher Reisert of Reflective Collections in West Palm Beach and his ideas and creativity look to be a major breath of fresh air for our world.  I had always known of Trent Hartley of Coastal/Aldora, so it was cool to meet him in person.  And I finally met Mason Harper from the very smart Nu Vu Glass out of Idaho who made the trip in with a team of folks from his office.

--  A few kudos to go around… first a major thank you to the team at NGA and GlassBuild America.  I have said it before and I will say it again, there’s no group more talented and their drive and dedication to make this the best show possible is impressive.  Plus they put up with me, and that alone takes a ton of effort.   And a massive thank you to every exhibitor who came out, expended resources, and made the show great.  The support of the show and thus the support of the industry means a ton.  We are all better for it!

Next week we return to normal… or whatever that is….


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In case you missed it… Here’s the day 3 recap video from GlassBuild America… man it was a fun week.  I am very tired now though!!

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