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Glass Industry Fantasy Team

Way back in 2007 I did a list that recognized the “stars” of our industry and because of the timing I compared them to current Fantasy Football stars to have fun and drive home the points.   I loved the way that turned out especially because the timing right before GlassBuild and being able to see all of these fine folks.  So after 6 years, its time for a new list!  Now of the original list (you can see here) all of the stars are still active in our industry except Christine Shaffer and Scott Surma.  Those two moved on to great opportunities and we as an industry do miss them tremendously.  Also I wanted to name like 30 people but I had to settle for 6 like the last time.  So I know I am missing some great ones and I am sorry… anyway here goes…

James Wright, Glass Coatings and Concepts = Adrian Peterson.  Peterson’s nickname is “All Day” and it’s because he’s virtually non-stop action.  Well so is James, who is an absolute rising star in this industry and an active participant in many positive efforts.  Plus the work he is doing with GCC is strong, sharp, and impressive.

Mike Turner, YKK-AP = Robert Griffin III.  Like the dynamic RGIII, Mike is a serious double threat, a tremendous marketer that also truly is a technical powerhouse.  Crazy combination but Mike pulls it off with ease.  Plus his team (Company) around him surely puts him in some great spots to score.  (See interview below with Oliver Stepe from YKK)

Alysa Hoffmeister, Dip Tech = Arian Foster.  Ever since Foster burst on to the scene he has been outstanding and clutch.  Same with Alysa has she has been a significant part of the incredible growth of digital printing on glass thanks to her efforts and her companies machinery.  It is not easy developing new markets and getting major pieces into place, but Alysa has done so with same effectiveness as Foster carrying the ball over the goal line.

Chris Dolan, Guardian = Calvin “Megatron” Johnson.  I have known Chris for many years and have seen the growth and progression of the products under his leadership.  Like Johnson making a tough catch in double coverage, Chris has had to launch and grow products in the most challenging of eras and has done it very well.  Plus any time I can attach a wild nickname like “Megatron” on to a professional guy like Chris, I gotta do it!

Jon Kimberlain, Dow Corning = Marshawn Lynch.  Lynch is known to go into “Beast Mode” and take over a game.  Well with Jon’s intelligence and drive, I think he’s in “Beast Mode” 24/7.  Not only is Jon an amazing source for product knowledge and direction but also he’s now taking on major roles in our industry for which I believe he will do quite well.

Chris Mammen, M3 Glass Technologies = Peyton Manning.  Manning is that guy that has now proven he can succeed anywhere while directing a high-octane offense with ease.  Chris is similar in that his company has succeeded at every level and their product line really could be considered “high octane” for sure.  Unlike Manning who only has a few years left, we’ll see Chris in our world for a very long time and that is a very good thing.

So there it is… as always tough leaving folks off, but I think these 6 represent what is right with our industry.  They respect and push for their companies, they volunteer for the industry and they are extremely talented.  Congrats to them all!


--  Last week I had a contest to win a free corporate video and the winner chosen at random was William Bailes of Bailes Glass.  Thank you William for signing up and thanks to everyone who registered this week as well.  The numbers were amazing and GlassBuild is really looking strong.  If you have not made plans, better get moving, and realize if you have not signed up, you do not want to miss this event!

--  Quick personal note, today my daughter told me my beard looked too “Duck Dynasty” like.  I guess I need to trim it now… I was going for that mix of Duck Dynasty and Captain Lou Albano.  Dang.

--  Last this week… One part of the GlassBuild America world is the Glazing Executives Forum, and I caught up with the gold sponsor of the Forum, Oliver Stepe of YKK.  Below is just one question I had asked him as a part of promotional piece we are doing (the rest can be seen on The Road to GlassBuild later this week) and I wanted to share so you could get a feel for why I am so fired up on the show and industry support.  Thank you to YKK as well as the other sponsors- SAPA, PPG, Hartung Glass, Dow Corning, and NSG for their support!

Thank you for being the lead sponsor of the Glazing Executives Forum at GlassBuild America.  YKK has been a very active participant in many industry related events, why is it so important for you to be such a great industry partner?

The YKK Cycle of Goodness philosophy is rooted in engagement with local communities and industry in which we conduct business, so YKK AP America’s support of glass industry education and events is consistent with our long-standing core values. As the industry entered and endured various phases of the financial crisis and support for industry organizations and event’s was challenged, it became apparent that we needed to play a bigger role. It was at that time we stepped up and began sponsoring GEF. We feel that industry events such as GEF and others are vital for the continuing education of the industry community and necessary to assure that industry members remain current with evolving building technologies. If we and others like us can play a small role in assuring that façades remain relevant in the built environment by supporting industry events and initiatives, then it is the calling of us all to do so.     

For more of this interview visit later this week.


--  Pretty interesting sale item… the useless plastic box!

--  Really great piece on the use of the smartphone and investing.

--  Kid gets accidentally hurt at playground, Mom attacks.  Tons of things wrong here.  Man our society is in some dire straits.


A new all sports channel made its debut last week with Fox Sports 1.  The new anchors of the show come by way of TSN in Canada and I like their quirky humor.  You know since I love everything Canadian and all.  Anyway here’s the best of their first week on the air.

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