Saturday, September 07, 2013

It's finally here

Not your typical blog this week.  I am in Atlanta already preparing for the show, so I'll be short.  Basically this show is incredibly important and exciting.  The importance is based on the fact our industry needs to show it's back and healthy.  Having wonderful and classy exhibitors like GlassBuild has makes that happen. The floor is absolutely loaded this year.
Meanwhile, it's exciting because I just love the action.  Getting to see people from all over the world and renew acquaintances is awesome. Anyway, I am pumped.

Here's a quick video that shows some of the action in the set up process and a handful of the almost 400 exhibitors that will be on hand.

My next post(s) will be the typical review of the show and my "page 6" style review of who was seen and heard on the floor.

To all of you traveling to Atlanta, be safe and get ready... THE TIME IS NOW for the biggest and best trade show in North America.

PS- Links & video of the week will return next week!

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Anonymous said...

Max - Had a very productive 1st day walking the floor here in Atlanta, this show is even better than all the hype you give it in the run-up, guess you can't talk this show up enough, is was more than impressive. Thanks for all you do.

Dan D.