Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Code, New Year

This week as I was reviewing my Twitter feed, I came across a tweet from green building consultant and guru Arlene Stewart on the forthcoming energy codes.  The title of the report that Arlene linked to is called “Are You Ready for the Mandatory Measures in the New Green Building Codes” and it is required reading for everyone in our industry that wants to get a feel for what is happening.  The link can be found HERE.  These codes and the mandatory aspects are just the start, there’s more coming and I expect some to be good for our industry and of course some to be bad.  The key is educating yourself and what is happening and making the necessary preparations for them.  And that will include working with the big suppliers, attending industry workshops, forums, and shows and of course making sure you monitor media like Glass Magazine to stay on top of the latest. 


--  This is my last blog of the calendar year… We’ll be back at it week of 1/6.  Unless something big goes down…

--  The USA Today once again this week went after the USGBC and green building in schools.  I am really enjoying that such a major media outlet is going so hard after this.  And in my opinion they have been dead on… the flaws within LEED have been pretty obvious and it’s great that they are getting exposed on a national level.  A lot of time and resources have been squandered chasing points instead of true sustainability.

--  Happy Anniversary to the fine folks at Heitmann & Associates as they celebrated 46 years in business this past week.  Congrats gang!

--  Very cool link here on the Top 12 Memorable Marketing Campaigns of 2012.  It made me think of which ones in our industry would make a list like that and so without further delay mine would be for 2012:

---------Overall champ would be TGP… they have had a tremendous year in the marketing space, really well done.  They have done it all well, including social, print, and call to action pieces.  The Razwick family and guys like Devin Bowman and Chuck Knickerbocker are already excellent, and this approach just makes them more so….

---------Best magazine ads would be Kawneer and Cardinal- both groups come up with sharp, readable and eye-catching pieces.  Also as I have noted here in the past, I liked PPG’s “hugger” ads.   

---------Best mixed media and promotional push is YKK AP… they are active and energized, just constantly pushing the envelope.  Their effort at AIA (among others) this year was incredible and will be a challenge to top. 

---------And last for best uses of social media, the gang at Guardian.  They have embraced this approach and really have owned it.  It’s like having a whole additional media outlet at your disposal.

And yes I am sure I may have missed some folks in my very unscientific approach, so please feel free to point out anyone you think deserves some props!

--  Since I’ll be off for a few weeks, the NFL season will end and I need to give props to reader Dan for calling out that the Dolphins may win more than the Jets this year.  That still could happen, as the Dolphins have played much better than I thought and Jets worse.  My playoff predictions look pretty solid though the Baltimore-Chicago Super Bowl looking pretty shaky.  We will see…

--  Well that’s all for 2012 folks.  Thank you to everyone who reads and comments (both publicly on here and privately to me)  I truly appreciate it.  I know this blog has evolved from a biting, sometime nasty take on things, to a kindler, gentler piece but yet you all have stayed with me and continued to support the effort.  Thank you.  My best wishes to everyone for a very happy holiday season and a happy, healthy, a profitable 2013!!  See you on the other side!


--  Excellent piece on review sites and if they are worth it.  For me I struggle because you really never know which reviews were plants- good or bad. 

--  Interesting story of insider trading with the daughter of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.  Wonder if this happens at public companies more than we know?

--  A found Dinosaur bone… in Michigan… not far from my home.. Very cool!


And to end the year… a wild video… the top “face plants” of 2012.  I am amazed at what some people do and even get on video.  Wow.

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