Sunday, December 09, 2012

Big Win for Now

When the US Department of Commerce leveled an anti-dumping duty on aluminum extrusion products back in 2011 it did have a significant effect on many companies.  Some that brought in the Chinese material were scrambling for new suppliers and importers had to take a step back.  Now with last week’s announcement that products like unitized curtain wall are included in that process, I fully expect some consequential fall out.  Leading up to this decision the debate was fierce and I have a feeling that the folks who lost are not going away quietly.  I just don’t think this over.  In the meantime I have to give props to the folks from Architectural Aluminum & Glass, Bagatelos Architectural and Walters & Wolf.  They stepped up to the plate and put themselves in the battle.  Believe me, I have been in the middle of these issues in the past and you’d be amazed how many folks talk a big game, but when push comes to shove they turtle under.  These guys didn’t.  Good for them. 


--  Happy Hanukah… or Chanukah… or however you want to spell it.  As I have noted here in the past, I don’t think there is a wrong spelling….

--  With that holiday here and the others coming, I am sure many of you will be looking to either get a new tablet or update on what you have.  I have been hearing great things about the new Microsoft Surface, though it is very pricey.  I am still an iPad guy…  and hoping that sometime during Hanukah, a new one is waiting for me….

--  And when I get it, one of my first apps to download will be Glass Magazine’s.  Right now I use it all the time, it’s a great app and a super way to read the magazine, which is always excellent.  I like how the updated news comes on, meaning it’s a really up to date App, and you get MUST READ content like this past months article on codes from Julie Ruth.  It truly is a crucial work piece.

--  Back in early October Jenni Chase did the blog of the year about being a “glass geek” and at the time it got a ton of action.  Now on LinkedIn that blog has gotten renewed interest, as in one of the forums, its one of the most popular and commented upon piece.  With that came a great line from Thomas Moore as it pertains to our love for glass…. "People look through the glass and glass fanatics look AT the glass"  So true….

--  Cool education event lined up by the gang at SAPA… it is their Profile Academy for Building and Construction.  Really a loaded educational agenda set for February in Atlanta.  Registration ends in mid January, so if you are a curtain wall manufacturer, glazing contractor or aluminum fabricator, before you break for the holidays, you may want to check this out at

--  Congrats to my good friend Kelly Townsend on his new gig at Wausau… don’t forget us little folks Kelly now that you have gone big time!

--  Last this week- a solid business book for you to check out.  Its called “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg and it offers some really neat insights on how companies like Target can predict what their customers may be purchasing.  Plus there’s a great psychological appeal to the book as it explains habits and cues and its effect on daily life.  Quick informative read. 


--  Gotta love this one… school sells drink that says on its label that it’s not intended for children.  Fail.

--  Uh oh, sounds like a war between Twitter and Instagram.

--  Say goodbye to that DC/DVD drive on your computer…


After several months of not supplying me my videos (because he’s actually way too busy with his day job… imagine that!!???) My brother returns with an oldie but a good one… the marriage proposal gone wrong….

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Max - Go Bobcats and Merry Christmas. Looks like you guys held onto Solich for another year....