Sunday, December 02, 2012

Approaching the Cliff

One of the big news items in the world right now is the “Fiscal Cliff” discussion in Washington.  For such an extremely important situation it does blow me away that it wasn’t heavily discussed during the election cycle.  I sometimes don’t get the priorities out there.  In any case I think all of us have a stake in what may happen with this issue.  Last week I ran into this article that gave some insight from folks connected with the construction industry and their thoughts.  It’s an interesting read and as the next 4 weeks tick down to the deadline, I am hopeful that the best deal for the country and our industry can be made.


--  Once again the USA Today jumped into discussion about the construction industry, with this weeks story talking about the lack of workforce and worries that if/when the economy really comes back, there won’t be anyone to fill the jobs.  This is a discussion I have had on here a few times specific to our industry.  We still don’t have the bench or bullpen necessary to deal with an influx of business and with cash flow so tight no one can afford the luxury of carrying extra folks.  There’s no question this will be an issue that will come and slap us hard- fascinating to see national media catch on.

--  Congrats to Seth Patterson who just picked up a promotion at Thermal Windows Inc.  Seth is a very good guy and Thermal a solid company.  Very exciting for both parties!

--  I saw that Gary Curtis and Jeff Baker were back on the board at NFRC but then I figured that story had to be a reprint from 2005.  It wasn’t.  For those of you who once upon a time were involved in the NFRC discussions, you probably are shaking your head.  This is the ultimate of “the more things change….”

--  Last weekend USC played Notre Dame.. at the start of the season I picked SC to win it all…. Once again soooo wrong!  Meanwhile I am thrilled for the Irish and their fans- guys like Jerry Decker of WinDoor (who wrote in last week) and former NGA VP David Walker.  Those guys have to be on cloud nine right now.  The championship will be tough though… Alabama is a beast and Nick Saban one of the best.

--  Oh by the way, I am calling it now, Ohio State will win it all in 2013.  They have the easiest schedule in modern football history and an incredible coach in Urban Meyer.

--  Fellow road warriors, have you gotten caught by the newest trick in your hotel room?  Recently every hotel I stay at, when I go to take a shower, the showerhead is pointed out towards the bathroom.  So when you sleepily roll into to start the shower, you get alive quite quick as water is spraying everywhere.  I have a feeling this is the service folks way at the hotel having fun with all of us.

--  Last this week… once upon a time I was a runner.  And in the groove, I really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately I have fallen hard off that wagon.  Maybe I’ll get to it in 2013.  In any case, maybe I won’t after seeing an article in the Wall Street Journal that says running may not be the best for you as you age- in fact it could even be bad for you! I actually can’t wait for Bill Evans to read the piece and see what he says given he’s one of the most accomplished runners I know.  In the meantime, this article is going to be my “get out of exercise free” card…. Yep I’m only looking out for my health!!!! LOL


--  And as I noted above Ohio State really only cares about winning (but that’s everyone in big time college football really) and they showed their colors this past week.

--  Tough story on obese woman who was denied the ability to fly home from overseas for surgery and eventually passed away. 

--  Online book quiz… next week I’ll have an awesome book for you all  to check out… for now try the quiz.


Thanks to Marty Richardson of Metro Glass for sending this in… a very addictive version of Gangnam style with the Denver Nuggets mascot… 

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