Sunday, January 06, 2013

2013... Great Year Ahead!

Happy 2013!  Hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday season.  I have to ask… Did January 2nd seem busier and more intense than the normal return from holiday?  It sure felt that way to me! I think because of the way Christmas fell, that so many people were off after Friday the 21st, that folks returned en mass on the 2nd and man what a crazy day it was.  In any case, I am looking forward to 2013, as there’s a lot to watch for.  Will the ABI be right?  Will the economy grow, stagger, or stay the same?  Will there be more consolidation in our industry? Will there be product breakthroughs?  Will new stars in our world be made?  These and other questions will be answered below and in future weeks on the blog.  I for one can’t wait to get to it!


--  Before I go forward, just a note to go back to.  For readers of my blog via “e glass weekly” I did have a post before the holidays and it can be found HERE.  I gave out some kudos on the marketing side to the fine folks at TGP, YKK, Guardian, Kawneer, Cardinal, and PPG.  Plus I hit some NFL talk, and another green smack down, so feel free to check it out.

--  OK on to 2013… I think the ABI is going to be wrong.  I will still follow it, report on it and hope that when its good it’s right, but I have a feeling they are just going to be off.  I think the economy stays somewhat the same as 2012 but starts to improve later in the year.  That said I have no clue what is really happening in DC as I chose to ignore the stories the last few weeks of the year.  I finally got sick enough of it, to just avoid it. Absolutely there’s more consolidation coming.  Trulite made the first move in 2013 (an excellent one by the way), and I think several others are coming from them and others.  If the rumor mill is any indication, I think this has potential to be a very active year. 

Product breakthroughs will continue- I am constantly amazed at what people have in development.  I am pumped for GlassBuild America as I know a few of these technologies will be on display at their Innovative Product Pavilion.  And yes I believe new stars are being made in our world- I have plans to interview a few of these folks who are really making inroads in our world- I am excited for the rest of the industry to get to know them to.  End of the day, I am excited for this year, despite those economic unknowns I still feel like its going to be a positive year and if we keep creating great new technology, and introducing smart and capable people, our industry will be heading in the right direction for sure. 

--  No my new years resolution was NOT to be sappy, but that paragraph above sure was.  Ha ha.  Actually this year is no Ice Cream.  I’ll skip it.  2012 I skipped Pizza and am proud to say I made it.  Never thought I could.  Somehow I gained a ton of weight becoming the only human to swear off pizza and gain like I ate it every day!

--  Big news… right before the break, Guardian Industries announced a new leader and the completion of their deal with Koch Industries. This is a great deal for Guardian and more importantly our industry.  Guardian is a massive player and a supporter of so much of what we do whether its trade media, shows, sponsorships, education etc.  They are an excellent corporate citizen and now even better with the addition of a strong company like Koch in their world.  To me as an industry observer, if a company that didn’t “make things” like Koch does was the investor, I would be worried, but this fit is really good and smart.  Congrats to all involved.

--  Last, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the change at the top of Trulite.  The old me would go off for about 700 words.  The new me is more measured, soft, and sappy.  (And fatter too, dang it)  I will only say that I was actually surprised by the ousting of Jeff Leone because I thought after all this time in charge he had ridden the storm out.  I now look forward to seeing how the new regime does and wish them the best of luck, as there’s still a bunch of excellent people in that organization.


--  For my fellow readers who fly a ton… a story you have heard but doubtful you have ever seen a picture like this.

--  I am one of those people who don’t like to fly Southwest (I am in the minority there I believe) but after this news, I may have company.

--  Interesting list on “banned words” – good read.

--  Wow there’s also a tariff on wire hangers…. crazy eh?


My good friend Pat Pickrell sent me this incredible video on the VW plant in Germany that is something to behold.  Thank you Pat!

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