Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Clean Up

I can’t remember the last time I sat at the computer and didn’t have a lead story for this blog. Well this week I have a combination of writers block and lack of story inspiration leading the way. The lack of stories is a good thing; we’ve had more than our fair share of drama lately, so I am not complaining. But the lack of action is bad from a writing standpoint. So because of my conundrum I have decided to clear off my desk and just hit you with a bunch of quick comments and tidbits, so here goes:

-- Congrats to Bernard Lax at Pulp Studios- he had a good week, announces the acquisition of California Glass Bending and launches a redesigned website. Bernard is truly a visionary.

-- Can this weather really be true? What a bizarre and mellow winter. I still think an ice storm for Easter is coming, but regardless this winter has been an amazing event and one that the folks who are on the global warming train will be pointing to. (And the last time I wrote on global warming a year or two ago, I got a ton of comments- just making an observation here, not an opinion)

-- However, these crazy conditions have had its rough moments…. So best wishes go out to the fine folks at Quanex and their TruSeal factory in Kentucky after they were roughed up by the severe weather that ran through their area last week. I think we all thought we dodged the weather bullet in our industry, but evidently not. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for all!

-- As many of you know I am a fan of LinkedIn. When used correctly it’s a great source. Anyway, my friends from Thermal Windows had a great link on their Twitter feed about how LinkedIn is a hackers dream. Check it out here.

-- OHIO! LOVING the Ohio Bobcats. First, My Alma mater did me proud with the stunning upset win over Michigan. It was made even better because I was at a hockey tournament with my son, watching the hockey while all of the parents were checking their phones for the scores. Me being the only Ohio fan in a Michigan crowd, stood out like a sore thumb because I was getting fired up when everyone else was depressed. Anyway, a great win… but then winning Sunday night and making the SWEET 16 is beyond explanation. This is just too cool. Ohio vs North Carolina...Friday night in the Sweet 16, it's like a dream....

-- Saw that the end of the printed encyclopedia has come… at least from one major supplier. That is sad but correct. Now when can we tall the architectural community that the time and need for binders have passed?

-- Thanks to the awesome Steve O’Hollaren of ICD for a great link about a losing coach going all “Mike Tyson” in a fight. I put this one up here instead of in the links because its just too comical not to share- plus it was an honor that Mr. O’Hollaren took the time to drop it to me!

-- OK, the desk is still a mess, but a little more clear… I am sure next week we’ll be all be back to normal and with a quick visit to BEC, I will surely have some news I hope!


Because I had two very good links up top… only one link here this week… we’ll return to normal next week. Yes I know my linkaholic fans are devastated… but I promise I will make it up to you!

-- My marketing pals will enjoy this link but I think it has mass appeal… “Retail Fails” as some really poor sign positioning in the stores get caught and shown here.


It took me a while, but I finally saw this incredible video shared via my brother. It’s from the Australian X Factor show and its 6 really inspirational and exceptional minutes of video.

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I HATE you. Not that you mention SteveO and not me but you posted that damn tear-fest. ;) sniff....ty