Sunday, March 04, 2012

Some positivity amongst the worry

Thankfully this was a quieter week after the adventures of the past few. Honestly I think we all needed to catch our breath. While there’s unfortunately a few more dominos to fall, hopefully some stability can start to seep back into our world. With that the latest Architectural Billings Index came in positive for the third consecutive month and the analysts are trumpeting it as more positive than past upturns. The problem is this uptick may be coming way too late for a lot of folks, so while its exciting that good things seem to be on the horizon, we still have bumpy roads to navigate.


-- And on those bumpy roads it’s going to cost a lot more to drive. The doom and gloom on the ever-rising gas price debate is close to hitting fever pitch. Stories this week had the price of gas going anywhere from $6 to $8 a gallon! I have to think if the circumstances reach that conclusion all bets are off on any positivity in our industry.

-- Does anyone wear a watch anymore? Reason I ask is I don’t and I always use my phone for the time. But this week, I left my phone in the car by accident and had the amazing adventure of asking folks “what time is it” and being shocked at how many didn’t know because they wore no watch or had to fumble for their phone to tell me.

-- Reminder on the awesome Glass Magazine Awards. The nominations are due April 16th, so plenty of time, but picking the winners with the amazing talent out there will be wild. Especially in “Best Salesperson” and “Best Installer”- just so many deserving candidates…

-- Speaking of someone who ranks as the “best” in a field, easily one of the best writers in glass media is Katy Devlin. She is also an incredible musician who is continuing to build a great career on that side of the world. Her voice on her latest tune “Boy in 4G” is really amazing. Seriously check out her stuff at – I have always said it and will continue to do so, we’ll all be watching her at the Grammy’s someday soon.

-- My thoughts and prayers out to everyone caught in the horrid weather of the past week. This winter has been bizarre for its lack of snow and cold, but the trade off of severe storms is not a welcome one. Hope everyone is staying safe and Mother Nature will cut some breaks on the tornado outbreaks.

-- Last this week, nice announcement on a partnership with Dorma and Brivo Systems on a new line of electronic access control systems. Pretty slick stuff and with our world needing that bigger dose of security and protection, these guys really positioned themselves well.


What type of wrath will this guy face for scamming Nuns? Would not want to be him.

When is an advertisement “too sexy”? At least one expert has an issue with one featuring supermodel Kate Upton eating a hamburger…

This is a really interesting story on TV’s failing after a short period of time and the lawsuits that come with it. For how good technology is right now, some items just are not made as well as they used to be.

VIDEO of the WEEK:

Here is the best of February “Fails” from our society. Some real amazing ones- especially around the 1:10 mark. I guess we love to take part in others pratfalls… I know I do, because if video followed me all day, I’d be in these videos monthly!

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