Sunday, March 25, 2012

BEC Recap

Well last week was the annual GANA BEC conference and as I have done for many years, below is a recap of who was there and how it went and so on. Overall it was good to see some tremendous industry people in attendance. I think everyone there was keeping positive attitudes as it relates to the economy and pushing forward to keep their operations in a good place. So for the most part below is a very BEC and people-centric post, much more “Page 6” like than normal as I used to do multiple posts for this event, but now only doing one.

Before I jump into the BEC recap and sightings a few quick thoughts…

One I am so proud to be an Ohio University graduate. What an effort by the Bobcats in this tournament. Team played with heart and grit and represented the university nicely!

Also the video I ran last week on my blog of Emmanuel Kelly elicited more positive response than any video I have ever posted. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and check it out here. Amazing story.

Ok on to BEC….

-- Before we talk people, two comments on the conference. First off Keith Boswell of SOM was a part of a panel on Tuesday morning. His presentation was pretty intense, insightful, and relevant. One of the best pieces I have ever seen. On the flip side, there was a speaker on Monday that could’ve been the worst I have ever experienced. First off his speech was supposed to be about “How to position your business for the upcoming recovery” and it was nothing close. It was more “how can I drop bizarre clichés and use other people’s words to make a few bucks in front of you folks.” It was disappointing because that title was as misleading as it comes. Put simply, think of a really bad Saturday Night Live sketch of a “motivational” speaker and that’s what you had here. I am still blown away at that catastrophe. He should be sent to interrogate war prisoners, after an hour of that, they’d give up the goods.

-- People wise…. Time to name drop… Always nice to see Henry Taylor of Kawneer, he puts his heart into this event and I am proud of him. Also chatted with the cool and crisp Jay Phillips of Guardian who happens to be the incoming GANA President. Was thrilled to get a hug from one of my all time favorites, PPG legend Jan Rogan. Happy to see Stanley Yee of the Façade Group back at this event for the first time in a while. Stanley is a classy and eloquent voice that this industry is VERY lucky to have. I always wonder why he even associates with me!

-- Got a few seconds with Greg Carney who is ALWAYS in demand. He really is the cream of the crop in the consulting world. Neat seeing Aimee Davis of Solutia, the fact she jammed in a trip here with her crazy schedule was nice. Making her first appearance at BEC was PR guru Heather West, getting to catch up with her was a pure honor. Conversed with guys who are not only great at what they do but also respect and understand the rigors of blogging… Jon Kimberlain of Dow Corning and Chuck Knickerbocker of TGP. Was great to meet in person for the first time a couple of guys I have respected from afar, Oliver Stepe of YKK, and John Wheaton of Wheaton Sprague.

-- And more… first time in a while seeing Alex Kastaniuk and Joe Carlos of TriView. Alex sports a very cool Fu Manchu mustache and both guys were pretty stoked about their business these days. Happy for em! Didn’t get to talk to Courtney Little of Ace Glass but his presentational work was strong and impressive. Got to spend a few minutes with Mark Spencer of Sapa and he looked like he could suit up for Army football right now. Fun to see George Petzen of LinEl. No one gets more out of these conferences than George. Plus he was showing some really cool BIPV images on his Ipad that were impressive.

-- The Viracon contingent for some reason still puts up with me- good to see the tweeting Seth Madole in person, as well the fashion model Cameron Scripture. I did see Garret Henson for a second but now he’s a powerful VP, he really can’t be seen in the company of a guy like me.

-- A major congrats to Mike Stroupe of DM Products- he had a hole in one while out in Vegas, but rumors are it was an 85 yard hole and he used a 3 wood…. Can that be? LOL. Rich Porayko was also on hand, glad he could take a moment away from doing insanely good promotion for Hartung/Agalite to visit.

-- And last but certainly not least; the spacer world was well represented with guys like Joe Erb of Quanex, Mike Gainey of Azon, and Mark Silverberg from Technoform. When I saw Mark he was talking with Stan Yee and it was a reminder that we have great minds working for us in our world.

-- So that was it- I was bummed that I missed a few people- according to the roster Julie Schimmelpenningh was supposed to be there but if she was, she did a great job ducking me.

Next week, the post will return to normal and I have a bunch of items already lined up.


-- Why Arena Football shouldn’t be considered a sport… this team owner fires his whole team while at a pre game dinner… at the Olive Garden…

-- You will read this story and just shake your head. A 13-year-old girl, MySpace, older guys, lack of parental supervision and more. Unreal.

-- I have been saying we live in a lottery society, and this article backs that up big time.


Thank you to Rod Van Buskirk via his Dad actually. A wild illusion video featuring a window. The comments at youtube try to blow it up, but still a wild watch none the less. Thank you Rod!

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