Sunday, March 11, 2012

Roaring Back! Really?

As many of you know, I have become a very positive person on this blog. I am always trumpeting good news or positive reports and I have tried to focus on the good instead of the bad. However this week I was thrown by something more “positive” than what I would bring. On Friday morning, I heard a news reporter actually say the following: “And signs that the economy are roaring back are more prominent than ever…” Now that throws me. Economy improving? Yes. Economy stabilizing and showing points of hope? Sure! (though these pesky gas prices may beg to differ) But “roaring” back? No. And no for the world we all play in. We have a lot of optimistic plays going on, but there’s still ways to go. So it really makes me wonder, do you see the economy “roaring back” and it’s just my old self-creeping back or was this just a case of an overly hyped newsperson? Hey I would LOVE for her to be dead on by the way….


-- Another negative point against the “roaring” economy? The New York Times here pointing out a massive spike in food prices coming our way. In fact, I think that is already happening, the last time to the super market blew me away when I saw the new pricing.

-- OK enough of the negative… some positive and interesting news… the gang at Viracon are teasing via social media an announcement of some new products. That should be very interesting to see what comes out. Plus I like the effective use of the medium too. The announcement is due sometime this week…

-- Speaking of social media, I have written about the folks I like to follow on Twitter, but I should be asking all of you, who you like to follow, so please e-mail or comment here on anyone I should be following along with. I’ll be sure to check out and share.

-- Fun offer that was sent to me by one of my clients… It was an offer via one of those on line deal websites that with your windshield replacement you’ll get two $10 coupons for a local spaghetti restaurant. Love that incentive of food for glass. Considering the way the windshield world works that could be the clincher for some people in choosing one group over the next.

-- A major Mahalo nui loa to a good friend of mine who recently sent me some very high quality chocolate from the great state of Hawaii. He was moved to do it because of my frequent mentions of M&M’s on here. All I can say is for an M&M fiend like me, moving up to the good stuff was like going from ground chuck to kobe beef.

-- Congrats to Tom Lee and the folks at Lee & Cates Glass for being named NGA’s member of the month for March. I have had a few conversations with Tom and he’s always been an absolute gentleman to me. I’m happy he and his team are getting positive recognition.

-- Last this week… March Madness is upon us! All I can say is O-H-I-O! Very cool that the alma mater of yours truly and AGC’s Rodger Ruff is in the field and ready to go. I can't believe they drew Michigan though... wow, what a tough break. And I now live squarely in enemy territory! Anyway, as for the brackets, I think Kentucky got no breaks with their tough region, but they will still win it all. That team is just too good.


-- And speaking of the great Ohio U, it also made the news when it made a student remove a hit tub from his dorm room. Wow. When I was there my room was so small I could barely fit in it, let alone a hot tub!

-- Awesome link that fits the theme of this week’s blog… how what you can do on social media can have major effects… quickly.

-- Yet another area to worry about with your identity or that of your company. Yikes.


Well we have had a pretty strong social media flavor to this entire post, so why not finish with a video that came via the social media world. Found this awesome video via Guardian Industries Facebook page. (I am not a Facebook guy at all, but I like what Guardian is doing on their page) It is ironically a video from another “Guardian” this one being the journalistic outfit in the UK. A classic and well-done ad that is truly brilliant in my opinion. Check it out.


Scott Sallee said...


Check out @darrenrovell He is from cnbc and a sports business reporter. He also hosts a show on NBC sports.

Great tweets about the business side of sports.

Hope all is well.

Scott Sallee

Max Perilstein said...

Thanks Scott... good call there! I appreciate you writing and posting!