Sunday, August 11, 2019

Bumpy Week, Soft Conditions Ahead

It was a uneven past week economically in our world. This certainly could possibly be the “bump” in the road that was predicted earlier this year for some time in 2019.  If you remember when I wrote about my speech in Texas earlier this year, I noted that analysis coming down the pike said we’d soften but eventually bounce back for 2020.  Looks like we are there now as seemingly every forecast or update I see is showing weakness and even more convincing is a slowing in the residential setting.  That has always been the alarm bell… when residential slows up- look out.  So we will see how this all progresses.  Obviously so much of this is fluid… The tariff issue rocked the markets this week and we still have a very fragile geopolitical landscape… so hold on tight folks.


--  Speaking of past topics- that webinar I noted from the NGA and Architectural Record which was so amazing is now available for all and worth checking out.  You can find it HERE!

--  Thanks to everyone who wrote in last week on the GlassBuild for Glaziers angle… most people gave me positive insights but I did get a note that said the show felt light on items for the glazier.  All I could say is come on back this year and check it out… I think you’ll come away impressed.  

--  This month’s Glass Magazine review…  wow what a freaking cover!  Beautiful and eye catching… Grow Your Business at GlassBuild America is the very appropriate and accurate headline. So of course, it is the preview edition for the show and the issue is packed with insight and info.  I especially like the product previews.  I can never get enough of those.  In addition, a MUST READ from Stephanie Miller on EPD and HPD.  Why is it must read?  Because so many people have questions on those processes and Stephanie answers them perfectly! 

--  Ad of the month… since this is one of the more popular issues of the year, more ads end up in it which makes me giving out this ultra-prestigious honor so much harder!  So there are actually 3 ads to recognize... Quanex with a cool future play.  TGP using “SPEC” smartly while promoting their products, and SoftSolution with that eye of the Tiger (I assume a Tiger?) staring you down.  All good ads that worked nicely.  Overall though this was an incredible batch of work by many companies.  Some excellent marketing folks really raising the bar to bring brand awareness to the forefront!

--  Please check out my video of the week… it came via the great John Wheaton and it’s worth the watch… it’s “the man behind the worlds ugliest buildings” and if you don’t chuckle several times I’ll be stunned!

--  By the time I write again here College Football will have started… and I will tell you I love College Football.  Sleeper team this year?  Going to be my pal Steve Cohen’s Penn State Nittany Lions.  (And right now Steve is cussing me out for putting the jinx on- sorry Steve).  Winning it all though is going to be Alabama… no way Nick Saban allows his team not to win it all after losing last year.

--  Last this week… no blog from me next week… I will return to this space the week of 8/25.  If news happens though I will cover on Twitter and LinkedIn. 


Not sure what I think about this with RING and Amazon connected to the Police.

This is not a joke... wild lawsuit here

I did see this picture come out online and knew there was no way it was legit.  I’m amazed the airline was allowed to even fly with the seats broken like this.


As noted earlier… video of the week was sent my way from John Wheaton and it is perfect… great laugh for all of us!!!

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