Saturday, October 20, 2018

Glasstec Time

Glasstec week is here and it should be an interesting event yet again on several levels.  First and foremost this a great opportunity to take the temperature of the industry from an international standpoint.  I know I sometimes lock myself into a North American bubble; so getting takes from all over the world will be helpful. Next up is the technology- I will admit that I was not very impressed in 2016, so I am very hopeful to see some advancements on this end.  I have gone down the entire exhibitor list and there are companies that I am expecting to see products and services that will make a difference.  In addition the opportunity to network is a big piece for me, GlassBuild was an absolute blur, so the opportunity to hopefully catch up with people I either missed in Vegas or only spent a few seconds with is huge.  In any case, it’s going to be a good week… please feel free to follow my twitter feed for updates and insights and also keep tabs on Glass Magazine’s twitter and instagram feeds and the GlassNation one as they will be pumping out great content too! 


--  Note… I was going to originally post this from Dusseldorf but decided to upload before I left the states.  If I have one irrational fear its that of having bad or no WiFi.  Such a 1st world problem person I am!  In 2016 after the show, I would go to the Apple Store in town to use their WiFi and be able to have a good signal so I could catch up on work and e-mail.  I hope that is not the case this year…

--  Good news from Dr. Tom Culp and Urmilla Sowell this week via the National Glass Association.  They attended and participated in the ASHRAE 90.1 meetings and usually those events could have some consequences for our industry.  This time around though in the three main areas of discussion- Window Criteria, Thermal Bridging and Envelope Backstops, our industry was in a positive position going forward.  I cannot stress enough how lucky we are to have people like Dr. Culp, Urmilla, and Thom Zaremba working on our behalf at these functions.  They do incredible work in some very challenging areas.  I am sure you will be seeing more on these efforts in the pages of Glass Magazine….

--  Interesting article here on green building and architects taking the process to a new level.  The article also mentions 5 new(er) rating systems, most of which I have never heard of… but if they are better and more legit than LEED…SIGN ME UP!

--  Funny on this one… some people say the lodging and hotel side is slowing down… then you get this report that says the opposite…

--  This proposed new soccer stadium in Cincinnati looks wild.  It also doesn’t look like it would be a fit in the style of Cincy or the Northern Kentucky area…

--  Last this week… as I noted last post, there was an industry bet on the Red Sox vs. the Astros and Dan Pompeo’s team came through.  So somewhere in the social media realm I am expecting to see a picture of Javier Sanchez Gil donning some Boston gear… Congrats Dan… happy for you as it is about time teams from Boston win something…. Good luck in the Series!


Too many stories on 3D Printing being used for the wrong reasons… this is not that.. good stuff here!

The privacy issues here are quite frightening

This is too funny…


The Iowa State University brought a new twist to the halftime show… Jurassic Park and Dinos galore!

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